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She doesn’t know why he’s come to her, but one thing is certain—he wants more than just a decorator!

Megan, an interior designer, is shocked to discover the identity of her new client. It’s Stephen Garrison, a well-known Miami playboy and the man she once loved deeply. It seems he chose Megan to do the job when he learned of her return to Miami. Megan cannot hide her anger when she thinks about their bitter breakup. What does he want now? Is he plotting something? Or…has he found out about Megan’s secret?

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The stars warned me 3  3

Before I rented this harlequin comic, I saw the small amount of rated stars on this. I thought to myself, "Why does this harlequin book have few stars.". I rented the book, read the book and I figured out why the few amount of stars. This whole story is a reunion between exes with the heroine dumping the hero without a reason, explanation, and message that even said they were over. He called a bunch of times, which she ignored but holds it against him for not going after her. Why did she break up with him? After dating, sharing so many things from hobbies to beds, the heroine sees a woman go in after the hero on a boat. Minutes later, the woman comes back out with clothes disheveled. This shatters the heroine but instead of confronting the guy or sending me a text stating, "I saw the woman walking off the boat". That would have probably sent him after her. Four years pass and she comes back for a job given by the hero's company and plans to be as distant as possible. The hero plans to get revenge by seducing her then doing what she did to him. Things change when he pops up at her house and sees her with a little girl with features most striking to his own. He can put two and two together, realizing the heroine had his daughter and didn't tell him. Questions are made and the heroine finally tells him about the woman on the boat but he declares he was faithful. She doesn't believe him and doesn't for most of the book. She lists his playboy persona as a reason he can't be a good father. However, he gets the gut to the punch by stating the heroine and him will marry with the heroine publicly announcing that her daughter is his. After discussing the matter with friends, the heroine agrees to the marriage with conditions of separate bedrooms and such. The hero agrees and they spend a week with the hero and daughter getting to know each other. Then they get married with awkwardness. However, the heroine sees she took the chance for her daughter and the hero to be a family for many years. The hero and heroine start opening up to where the hero tells her about his family troubles, especially with his bitter alcoholic mother. Then the subject of their separation is brought up and the hero explains there was a party that his company hosted for a rock band that had groupies. One of them saw the hero and tried but he refused but she lied to the heroine. The hero calls the heroine out on her playboy comment if he's ever acted that way. He states he's only ever wanted the heroine and has never lied to her. One thing leads to another and they fall into. Next comes the family dinner, which goes better than expected. Afterwards comes the big hurdle when the heroine's babysitter attempts to seduce the hero and he rejects it. Yet, the heroine sees it and again misinterprets the whole situation. He states he's going to report her harassment and she tries to dissuade over who would believe a playboy's words till he brings up the surveillance camera and recorder; a trick he developed when dealing with conniving women over the years. He races after the heroine but after hours of searching, he fails to find them. He heads home to find the heroine and their daughter on the steps of their home. When the daughter is put to bed, the hero and heroine have that sit down. The hero opens up about past and reveals that he's going to do whatever he can to show he's worthy. The heroine asks for the hero's forgiveness because she realizes the inconsistencies then and now as well that she took the word of a stranger and rumors over the hero's word. They confess their love for each other and it ends happily. Now, I understand why at least two stars were taken off: Star 1 was taken off because the heroine ran off on the hero without an explanation. The 2 Star was the heroine running again when the babysitter made her move.

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