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Together with my boss in the City of Light—what could go wrong?

Natalie is a single mother whose everyday life is filled with work and caring for her little girl, leaving no time for romance. When her work takes her to Paris, she is invited to a dinner with her boss, millionaire Demitri Makricosta. Her heart flutters at his passionate gaze but she tells herself she’s there to work. Still, when she has dinner with him, she struggles to resist his charm and soon finds herself in his bed. It was supposed to be just a one-night fantasy. But maybe the future holds more…

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quite nice 4  4

The heroine is a single mother who's going out of the country for her company in Paris. It's a big step and the heroine ready to take the bull by the horns. In her first few days, she's invited to dinner by the hero who tells her to stay away from his family member because he's happily married since he first her whispering with the man and looking at each other's phones. At first, she laughs and tells him that they were gooing over the man's son who's the same as the heroine's daughter but she doesn't tell him about her daughter. Then she leaves in a huff with the hero chasing after her to apologize and take her on a night on the town from clubs to bedroom. They begin a short affair that the heroine is sure to end but the hero is so entranced with the heroine's character (because she's so different from the usual women) that he secretly but actively pursues her to her next location. It's there that he first learns about the heroine's single mom status and she reveals her life that involved her father leaving, brother and mother dying, and divorcing her kind but irresponsible husband (the man was drinking with his buddies on the day of her mother's funeral). This sets the hero off and the heroine takes it the wrong way with him needing to cool his head. The next day, rumors of their affair come to light with the hero getting bashed by his sister over his irresponsibility. The heroine overhears the whole thing and storms in to defend the hero. She relays how they met, how the hero loves his family, and then walks away to await her punishment. A couple days later, she's pulled aside by the hero's sister who tells her that the hero quit for her sake but her outburst finally gave the hero, his sister, and older brother the long needed sit down. She heads back home and weeks later after giving up on the hero. She just finds him playing video games at her ex-mother-in-law's house with her daughter. He pulls the heroine aside and reveals his aversion to marriage and kids stems from his life of being abused by his father. Now, the father would beat anyone from wife to kids but the hero wasn't beaten so much because he was younger than his older siblings. However, he didn't want to see his siblings hurt, so he tried to turn his father's whip on him by being mischievous but it only backfired with his siblings hating him. He reveals that the father dominated their lives till the day he died and then his siblings tried to do the same but the sit down has them connect at a deeper and better level to where they want to have a party with all their family members. The hero confesses his love for the heroine and the wish to develop a bond with her since he's not afraid of being married or a father. I quite liked that scene. The heroine decides to take that step too. We skip two years later where the heroine's daughter's birthday is held at the hero's family home. The hero and heroine dated a year before marrying and are expecting a child. It was a really sweet ending I and rather enjoyed the story.

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