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Her secret love came true, but how long can her happiness last?

Lily woke up in the morning feeling extremely happy to be beside a man she’d admired all these years, but her happiness was ruined by an article about his engagement to another woman. She realized she’d made a grave mistake. Ben Warrender was the heir of a notable family, and she was the daughter of a family servant. It was a love that could never come true. In despair she left the room before he woke up. Then, three years later, Ben showed up in front of her while she was taking a well-deserved vacation to accuse her of neglecting their child!

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The hero and heroine knew each other as kids. He was the heroine's first love but they didn't get together for years till one night. Yet, the heroine wakes uptimes to the newspaper with the hero's with another woman under the title of engagement. Hurt, she disappears from the hero & has their baby without him knowing. In fact, nobody knows who the father is. When the child is a few years old, the heroine's mother suggest she take a small vacation since being single mom is tough. So, she leaves her daughter with her mother and heads off to the tropics. By chance, the hero sees the family resemblance & the birth mark on the daughter. He does the math and deduces the little girl is his. So, he goes after the heroine who he deems irresponsible for leaving her daughter behind. This is because his mother did the same to him. A fight springs up then ends with the hero making dinner plans for them to talk. Once, the food is served, the hero makes his case that he wants to be involved in his daughter's life. Then she reveals the newspaper and the hero states it's a lie because the OW wanted to protect her image & boost her name by using the hero. With the big news cleared out, the two head off the bedroom; yet, it ends after the heroine gets a phone that her daughter is in the hospital. It turns out the little girl is so sick that she needs a bone marrow transplant. From then on, the hero and heroine fight to support each other and stay strong for their little girl. Happily, their daughter pulls through. When the heroine gets enough sleep, the hero takes her to a new house for them to live in. Sadly, they go back to step one with communication, starting with the hero's statement they're getting married. The hero says the wrong thing and the heroine thinks he's only marrying her to get his daughter. So, she refuses and he thinks she doesn't want to marry him because she doesn't love him. He comprises with having them live together n the same house. She goes along with it and finds it a hard to keep herself away from him. She opens up on her feelings about the hero who heard that she loves him. She finally tells him why she can't marry him out of convenience. He confess he loves her too and we get a cute ending with them getting married.

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