Passion Romance HIS FOR REVENGE

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Zara had always been in her sister’s shadow—she never dreamed she’d be at the altar with her sister’s fiancé!

When her selfish sister left her fiancé at the altar, Zara had to take her place. Her father dragged her into the church and forced her into marriage. Zara must wear a dress that doesn’t fit her and endure a political marriage against her will. She knew her father couldn’t stand her, but she never dreamed he’d submit her to this humiliation. She expected the groom to refuse her…but he remained silent after finding out, even shocking her with a passionate kiss!

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3.5 revenge or love 4  4

The heroine is used as a last minute resort by her horrible father when her trampy (Yes, the woman is a tramp when we get a scene of her wearing a leopard print mini dress with fish net tights. She looked like a seventies' hooker). sister doesn't show up for her own wedding. The hero didn't even know the his first bride had a sister till they get things cleared up. He doesn't sugarcoat what their marriage is really based on and the heroine goes through with it because she wants to make the father happy. Frankly, he could throw himself into the volcano for all I care because of his atrocious attitude and petty thinking. Here's the reason why he's cruel to the heroine: she looks like her grandmother who doted on his sick brother. If that's not pettiness then I don't know what is!!! The hero decides to use the heroine in following in his plan. They have dinner to learn more about each other and it's discovered that the heroine doesn't know her own beauty, which is a tragedy because the hero can see and is way more attractive to her than he was to the heroine. It's probably because he likes something natural. He finally is unable able to keep himself at bay and seduces her to the bed. Afterwards, the two get a little more in depth on why the heroine's father pushed the hero to marry his daughter. As the two spend more time together, the hero finds himself in love with her but it leaves him at a cross roads of carrying out his plan and losing her forever or vice versa. He still decides to follow along with her plan and the heroine finally sees how pathetic her sister really is. The hero opens up to the heroine of feeling guilty for killing his mother when terrorists targeted. The heroine helps him by realizing it was never his fault and his mother's actions were for him to stay hidden and protect his sister. Then on the night of a party; the heroine finds herself in the midst of the hero's big uprooting her great creep of a father with her as the key pawn. She plays along and has the father practically humiliated before being fired and leaves. The hero runs after her but she won't hear anything he has to say since he's used her like everyone else has. The hero goes to the heroine and begs for the heroine's forgiveness as well as a second chance of love. There's a lot of shouting and raw emotions between the two but he's able to reach the heroine's heart. We skip a year where the hero and heroine are enjoying Christmas with the hero's family and it was really sweet.

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