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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!How can this waitress regret having become the king’s bride?

Lucy never thought that covering for a coworker would change her life, but that night she would meet Rafi, a wealthy prince from a small country near the Ural Mountains. From the moment they met, Lucy knew Rafi was the man for her. Before long Lucy was pregnant, and Rafi, intending to do the right thing, took her to his home country to marry her. But soon after their marriage, everything changed—Rafi became as cold as ice. Trapped in a loveless marriage in a country where she doesn’t know the language or the customs, Lucy is unsure what to do. Will things get better for her, or will she be forever stuck in a cold, loveless marriage?Caitlin Crews discovered her first romance novel at the age of twelve and has since began her life-long love affair with romance novels, many of which she insists on keeping near her at all times. She currently lives in California, with her animator/comic book artist husband and their menagerie of ridiculous animals.

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Weak 2  2

I agree with Jab’s review, but I only gave it 2 stars as I really did not think this as much of an actual romance. Once they married he basically ignored his wife because someone told him she was lied about being pregnant so He did not believe she had a miscarriage - so she was lying about Everything. I am pretty sure if she had gone to a country where she was marrying royalty they would have had her checked over by a doctor (and they did) but the hero took the word of his aid and did not even check with the doctor. The story really was not my thing.

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You have a doctor there. 3  3

This one wasn't really floating my boat with how it went between the hero and heroine as well as the plot. Now, the hero and the heroine met when he was abroad and decided to sample the local cuisine. She finds out she's pregnant and goes to tell the hero who in my opinion not only jumped off the wagon but also a cliff because he was her marrying him in the next few hours. This is despite the fact that he's majorly ticked off disappointing his people for marrying a waitress because she's pregnant. The poor heroine had no backbone at the time and only gains it towards the very end because she never said no to the whole, "YOU-ME-MARRY!" from the hero. She's in this foreign country where she has no friends and people who judge her for trapping the hero like his secretary (it's a man, just to be clear) and a hero who is a cold as his country's winter months. Next, the heroine suffers a miscarriage and when she tells the hero in her depression that there is no baby, he thinks she had an abortion. For the record, I would like to say HOW? I mean where could she go to get an abortion in the first place, not including the old and dangerous of falling down the stairs. Even then, it's a danger to the mother but the heroine doesn't do it. I couldn't get the hero because instead of taking in the hero's word at a twisted perspective and the lies from other people, he didn't go to the royal doctor to get the facts. For the love of PIE; they have a doctor for the royal family to get on all people. They go through this no seeing and everything for a year till the heroine has had enough and wants a divorce. The hero doesn't want a divorce since he doesn't want to look bad in front of his people anymore. I did like that we see both perspectives with how they go through their relationship. However, they do go all the way and afterwards, the truth comes out. The heroine opens her feelings and leaves the hero with the last word. The hero finally rubs two brain cells together and calls the doctor who supports the heroine's story and makes the hero look and feel like a jerk. When the heroine is at the airport, the hero swoops her off her feet and takes her back home where he had decorated the place like the christmases she had as a kid. He apologizes to the heroine for not taking her word and proclaims his love for her. The heroine accepts his love and gives him another chance. We fast forward a year later where the heroine's parents are visiting and it's a happy Christmas but I didn't really like the plot.

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