Romance TEMPTING 2

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A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!Dani’s already confusing life just got more complicated. (Part two of the last installment of the Buchanan sibling series!)

Dani can hardly believe her biological father is a presidential candidate! And ever since the media found out, they’ve been covering the story. Alex wants to protect Dani’s father, who is also his adoptive father, and so he initially treats Dani like a nuisance, kicking her out. But as they spent more time together, they begin to have feelings for each other. When Alex and Dani finally spent the night together at Alex’s house, their reverie is short-lived. The media were waiting outside Alex’s house and promptly reports their relationship as if it were something nefarious!

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Last of the Buchanans 2 4  4

We continue on from the first book where they have a fight but are able to come to terms. The hero reveals the darker stuff from his past of living on the streets with his mom till she was beaten to death by a "client" and he was found three days later sitting next to her body. He goes on about how the Mother was there for him and helped him through it all. We move along the story as they do damage control on the media and get the hero's case to trial where he's proven innocent. He finally reveals the reason he left the wife to the heroine and one thing leads to another with them in bed. Sadly, the media are hounds with catch them. It goes slow with the heroine needs to hide out at grandma's place. The hero deals with the parents who are upset then the two meet again, they have a fight that ends badly. During which, the Ex sneaks her way into the mother's head by planting malicious little seeds. This causes the mother to panic of the heroine taking everything from her like husband and children. So, when the heroine asks her about the hero and the Ex, the mother lies by stating the hero and Ex are getting back together. The mother isn't the only one, the heroine is next as well and she seems to have forgotten the Ex cheated on the hero through it all. Although, sonogram does make it a hard argument. So, the hero and heroine have one argument after another till the hero and heroine break up on bad terms. Afterwards, the hero finally reveals to the mother the truth of why he divorced. It didn't matter that the scene was black and white because you can see all the color leave that woman's face. She tells the hero the truth and the hero is so hurt that he leaves the room without a word since the one person he trusted betrayed him like that. Later that night after the heroine has takes her sister dress shopping, they are accosted by some crude individuals who attack the heroine but are scared off by the mother with her headlights. They get the police involved with the mother apologizing for everything with daughter and heroine assuring her that she's loved by everyone and no one is replacing her. At the hospital, the hero goes to see the heroine where they have a talk out. Everything in the air is cleared but it takes one stupid phone call from the father who states about the hero and heroine not being together. The heroine takes it as a sign that her existence is a problem for everyone and decides to disappear. During this time, the hero and mother talk things out where the hero states his intention to marry the heroine. Later, the heroine, mother, and Ex run into each other. The mother tears a new one into the Ex and sends her packing. The heroine talks about her existence being a pain with both the hero and mother trying to persuade her otherwise but it doesn't work. The hero leaves, calling her out for running away. During her packing hours, the father meets with the mother who gives him the ultimatum of him pulling out or she does. The man is smart and pulls out of the campaign because he knows what's important to him. The next day, everyone shows up to voice their option against the heroine moving: brothers, grandma, mother and father, and the hero. They all voice wanting the heroine to stay then the hero confesses his love and asks the heroine to marry him. The heroine says yes and we get a happy ending.

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