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The marriage is his plan for revenge, but she doesn't realize it. What will she do?

Rico, the man who was accused of assaulting her sister, is back… When Danielle’s mother passed away five years ago, Rico was there to comfort her. She was always attracted to him…until that incident. Rico now confesses to the confused Danielle, “I want to restore my damaged reputation. I am requesting my stock returned and the position of CEO.” Danielle cannot understand where this is coming from, until her father reveals that her sister changed her testimony. Does that mean Rico was innocent? This is only the beginning of Rico’s plan for revenge…

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Available until : Jan. 31st 2020(Romance Theme Course($9.99)

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revenge back and forth 2  2

I felt quite sorry for the hero being the scapegoat of the heroine's family. It all started when the heroine's mother was killed in a car accident with the hero, the driver, and the heroine inside. The whole catastrophe brought a lot of misfortune on the heroine's family and they extended it to the hero's family. The heroine's family is in shatters with the father shutting himself away, both his girls looking for consolation. The hero turned to be a comfort to the heroine because he was there but his intentions were miscommunicated to the heroine who thought he loved her in a romantic way despite him being a happily married man and she as a teenager. So, she tries to take him to bed but he shuts her out with the declaration that he's married and more. Funnily enough, the same thing happens with her sister but this time it goes horribly wrong. The next morning, the heroine's father accuses the hero of assaulting the heroine's sister (she declared it to be true), using the heroine's underwear as proof. He pressures the hero to give up stock, job, and throws him out of the country. The whole thing pushes his wife to stress so much that she miscarries their child then commits. So, the hero swears revenge on the man who destroyed his life. The truth is, he treated the heroine's sister just the same but the heroine has no idea of the whole conspiracy. As far as she knows, the man assaulted her sister and it goes on for five years till she gets word that the hero is coming back and the sister changed his testimony. She's not the only one to learn new things because the hero discovers someone is sending the heroine threatening messages. The heroine rejects his offers to protect because it would give him an opening to take revenge on her but rescinds when she finds her bedroom torn apart. The hero offers up marriage as a way to protect and not taking legal action against her sister who changed her testimony because her boyfriend recommended her to as a way to move forward from the guilt. He then reveals the rest of his plan of having the heroine bear his child to replace the one he miscarried. She rejects it till he brings up using her sister has a replacement in order for her to pay what she did. The heroine agrees to the condition, not revealing the accident from that time made her infertile. They start their married life and it goes seemingly well with the hero and heroine feeling guilt of what they are doing to the other. When the hero called back to see his father who's suffered a second stroke, the heroine reveals her infertility and it's a conversation that goes sour. During that time, the heroine confronts her father on his atrocious behavior and is captured by the stalker. At the hero realizes he loves the heroine and he's able to come to terms with his dead wife's family who accept his second marriage and believed in him the first time. The stalker turns out to be the their ex-driver from the incident who blames the heroine for his problems and wants money. The situation turns deadly but they save the heroine in time. The heroine also discovers she's pregnant and she not to get divorce more.

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