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My memory of that night becomes more vivid the harder I try to suppress my feelings for him.

Ali was hopeless after being betrayed by her fiancé as well as facing a terrible court case from work. To relieve her stress, Ali’s best friend takes her out to a bar, where the two meet two men, one of whom is a handsome man with gray eyes named Max. Hopelessly attracted to him, Ali spends the night with him only to realize the next day that the man she slept with is her lawyer for her court case…

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healing and more 4  4

The heroine needs a night away from all the crud she has been suffering the past year from a miscarriage, her fiancee leaving her for another woman(he gets married on the current date), and being sued (and investigated) for allowing the death of a teenage patient. Her friend and her meet two gentlemen and one escorts her back like a gentleman as well as someone who shares the pain of being betrayed by your loved one, only they end up in bed together. They separate the next morning and meet again as lawyer and his client, it really shakes the heroine's nerves on how nothing is going her way. The hero sensing her distress, calms her down and encourages her to hold strong because he's there to help her. I liked how they did the walk through of the night of the incident and it seems that the heroine did the best she could and there wasn't anything else she could have done. However, the hero notes that with all the events prior and after that night, will give the prosecutors enough leverage against the heroine. It did elude me that the parents didn't blame the heroine at all but the hospital was being sued for what happened. The hero also sees the what a wonderful person the heroine is with giving out advice to strangers she sees with a medical issue. I liked seeing the two figure out their relationship with all the obstacles in place and the struggle to maintain the line of client and lawyer. I also liked seeing the personal struggle that they have with themselves: the heroine fearing to go back into her profession when she's being sued and all and the hero. After the trial ends in the heroine's favor, the two start seeing each other but it's ruined when the two receive news of the hero's ex having a baby when she promised him to have kids but never did. Now, the hero has moved on but the heroine thinks he's still in love with her. So, she breaks off their relationship and he pursues her. After couple of events and venting out feelings from the heroine, the two finally talk things out and express their feelings. We get an epilogue of the heroine being back in the medical field and has a large family of kids with the hero.

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