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What is the destiny of a couple whose love is intertwined with hatred?

After losing her grandmother, Meredith learned that, over the years, a massive sum of money has been transferred into her grandmother’s account from a man in Venice. Needing know the truth, Meredith flew to Venice, where she was picked up at the airport by a banker named Lucenzo. Meredith was attracted to the gorgeous man, who looked like he came straight out of a painting, but he ordered her to leave with hatred in his dark eyes. Meredith was at a loss until she discovered the unexpected truth behind his contempt…

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It goes up then down. 3  3

Yeah, my expectations went down as I went further and further into the story. We have the heroine gone to Italy for answers as to why her recently deceased grandmother was receiving checks for years from the Corosini family. She meets the standoffish hero who wants her away from the family and won't answer her questions of why the family sent her grandmother for years. We, the reader start to think there was some sort of scandal from which she blackmailed the family or some guilt alimony in reference family tragedy. The hero has some preconception of the heroine being an attracters who knows what's going, despite the heroine's denial that she doesn't even knows a nip of what's going on. They go through the whole cycle of figuring each other out with the hero doubting his first impression on the heroine. Then we start getting answers when the heroine brings a key to a safety deposit box that her father owned. It gives the first answer of the connection: the heroine's father was a son of the Corosini family and he left the family when they didn't approve of his bride. The two have a spat, started from the hero's pushing the heroine away then kissing her. However, the heroine is determined to fix the estrangement between her new found family members. Then we have the passionate night at the Corosini's family home but the heroine doesn't know that till the next morning and learns that morning that the hero is part of the corosini family as in her first cousin. She runs off with the hero running after to finally clear the air. First, the family name meant everything to him because of how hard his father worked to keep the family name going. Second, he's adopted and there's no need to worry about the whole marrying into the family. Third, the question of the money is answered: the heroine's father was supposed to marry the hero's mother but he didn't. The hero's mother was happy of course because she wanted to marry the father's brother. So, when she found out about the heroine's parents death, she sent money in order to support them because they were part of the family. This is the part where my expectation fell because the first and second part of the story had us all hyped up with the possibility of it being a huge scandal or miscommunication when all it really was, was family helping each other. The two confess their love and head back to the house. It wasn't really what I was looking for.

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