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Reunited with the man she can never forget…could this be the beginning of her love story?

Emma spends all her time taking care of other people, especially her sick mother. Recently, she’s been running into the charming Dr. Wyatt around town and she’s starting to think of him more and more often. He always seems to be there when she needs someone the most. But the day Emma’s mother passes away suddenly, the doctor is nowhere to be found. Then he returns from a trip overseas with an unexpected proposal…

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bland 3  3

The story was fine up till the hero and heroine were married. We get the beginning of how they met, conversed, and developed a friendly relationship between doctor and client. The hero helped her find a job, he helped her mother who was sick, and held the heroine as she sobbed over her mother's death. Right after comforting, he proposes a marriage of convenience. The heroine is all shocked but goes along with it since she's in love with the hero but believes he's love with her. It's quite the opposite because the hero is in love with the heroine but thinks she doesn't. Why do they think that? It's because one thinks she's not mature and the other thinks he's too old and that's just the beginning. I was happy that the heroine was a can do girl who helped with wherever and whoever she could. What I couldn't like (and this goes for the hero) is that she didn't take initiative to say, "Hey, we don't spend any time with each other, how about we do." I mean, the man is running in and out of the house being the doctor for everyone and she doesn't give like a comprise of spending time together. She was just goes doormat and tries to be the perfect wife. The hero isn't out of the woods either in this whole thing because he too doesn't take the initiative to learn more or at the very least take a walk with her. It was really annoying and we had the whole other woman who pushed unbelievable demands onto the heroine but lied to the hero about what the heroine was doing. It was like I was watching some British version of Eros and Psyche. As we go further along, the distance between the two become greater that instead of fighting for each other, they would rather raise the white flag. Here's the plus, neither are saying the right thing: the hero says he's going on a trip but doesn't say, "I want you to come with me" or ask "will you come with me?". The heroine too with assuming the hero wants to divorce or say the things that he wants to hear like, "Don't go" or "Take me with you." The hero only takes action when he figures out what the heroine might do if he left. Luckily, it was before he left. Now, they kiss and she falls into his lap and we get a happy ending. The story was good at first but it went downhill with the lack of communication and everything.

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