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How can a wrong number feel so right?

Georgia’s boyfriend was taking things slowly…too slowly as far as she was concerned. So she decides a flirtatious, late-night phone call might be the best way to heat things up. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s called the wrong number. Ken, a police officer, is surprised by Georgia’s bold nighttime call. He knows she’s called a wrong number, but temptation demands that he stay on the line. The two build a relationship that grows with each phone call. Yet Georgia is still unaware of her mistake…and Ken knows the truth will come out eventually!

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Hot and Funny! 5  5

Now this was a Hoop and a Holler of a harlequin comic. I found it to be extremely fascinating with how the hero and heroine first interacted through the phone by mistake. I also found it funny that the heroine was in a relationship with a man but nothing had come of it. I don't mean in an intimate setting but rather that they know more about each other like their favorite hobbies or family members but the heroine doesn't seem to know anything about the man. In fact, the man doesn't push hard enough to even see her, resulting in her phone coitus to him and the wrong number that her gets the hot call. The two of them meet the next day with the hero bringing an injured dog to the hospital and finds out the woman assisting is his mystery lady. Now, the hero is in a real pickle from wanting to woo the woman and the fear of revealing she's been calling him and not her boyfriend. The heroine is also in a tizzy because she's trying to be not like her father who left her mother and her mother now looks at her with a slight of disregard because she looks like the father but can't help but start falling in with the hero. It's a real funny romance with the two falling in love, while struggling on what to do with their feelings for each other. They have ups and downs with the ups going all the way and downs being the heroine finding out the hero was the one she was calling and it was because his boss slipped it up before he could tell her. Then she finds that her "boyfriend" was only using her because he was unable to open the closet doors himself. After some time of trying to regain the heroine's trust, the hero makes a big move that pushes the heroine go to after him and they make a start on their new relationship. It was really quite well done and I really liked reading this comic.

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