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She’d closed her heart tight, but he made her want to open it again…

As soon as Eve’s mother got pregnant, her father vanished, leaving an unmarried woman to raise a baby girl all alone. Eve vowed to do whatever it took to provide for her mother, and now she’s the lead designer and CEO of a wildly popular lingerie brand. But just as Eve’s gained the wherewithal to provide for her mother, her mother tells her she’s engaged! Eve arrives at the wedding with her heart in turmoil, and there she sees the last man she expected. Draco Morelli is a handsome, wildly attractive multibillionaire and fellow wedding guest. Just days earlier, he’d knocked out a thief who was trying to steal Eve’s purse…but now he means to steal a kiss from her!

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The heroine has men issues 3  3

The storyline would have been okay if the heroine weren’t so rude to the hero. It’s understandable the woman has every reason to hold this opinion from finding out as a child that her biological father abandoned the heroine’s mother upon the news she was pregnant; leaving behind a letter telling her to abort the heroine. Then finding out together with her mother’s employer’s daughter that their single parents were in a relationship together. This little open secret was spread amongst their school, initiating to be severely bullied by their peers. Plus, their parents never married even after being together for over a decade till the heroine’s mom got pregnant. The heroine thinks this news is the only reason why her mom’s boyfriend even proposed to her. The heroine also feels alone because she’s finally achieved a successful career and wanted to provide an easy life for her mom, not continue carrying on with the new husband. It’s at their wedding, that she runs into the hero and his amazing daughter at separate times then together. The daughter is a voice of comfort to the heroine after she overhears her old school bullies make their snide remarks over her mom and her. The hero decides to help by rubbing it in their faces of him by using his title of being the most eligible bachelor. He gives the heroine a deep kiss, to irritate them. Things of course goes further; however, the heroine intends to end it before anything else happens. Next, their kiss is plastered across magazines. The heroine refuses to have anything to do with the hero. Whereas the hero becomes incredibly attracted to the heroine and begins to woo and court the lady. It’s a nice way of breaking away from his life’s issues of his ex-wife trying to gain custody rights of their daughter in order raise her politician beau’s image. The same ex-wife who tells tall tales to the heroine about the hero. The heroine believes her since she already doubts any man’s word. The heroine distances herself from the hero who becomes frustrated at her actions. The distance only lengthens when the jealous hero punches a guy who’s out for dinner with the heroine. It turns out to be her paternal half-brother who was desperately searching for her. They apparently shared a real tyrant of a dad. They only get together when the heroine’s mom goes delivers the baby prematurely. The heroine finally sees the husband really loves her mother and opens up to the hero in tears. They find out later at the hospital the heroine is pregnant and we get a heart to heart. The hero opens up about the ex-wife’s neglect and abuse( she threw a mug at his face when he was holding their baby girl) and we get confessions of love. We skip to Christmas for the epilogue where all family members are alive and well and are enjoying Christmas together. It was a nice ending, but it didn’t really wow me.

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