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Oh, magic lamp, if you grant me just one wish, please let me see him again.

Since her parents passed away, Virginia has been raising her sister alone while going to culinary school. One day at work, she finds a lost wallet and contacts the owner, who offers her a reward of five hundred dollars or a magic lamp. Virginia is intrigued by the lamp but sets aside her curiosity to make the sensible choice—cash. But when she meets the wallet owner’s son, Wilder, she is immediately infatuated with him. He’s the CEO of a computer company and stunningly handsome… Perhaps she should choose the lamp after all—her first wish would be to see Wilder again!

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The lamp 4  4

The story was pretty good with the hero and heroine of how they meet and such. I liked the heroine flabbergasting the hero by choosing a lamp over money when she's honest about desperately needing it. Then the funny coincidence of her needing a job and the hero just thinks up a job for her that help her complete her culinary schooling. I found the build up of romance good, even with the hero denying it. The hero himself is a clumsy man in his words of trying to convey his feelings to the heroine of wanting her to stay but she misinterprets them and responds harshly to the hero. The heroine and the hero being separate long enough to miss each other hard and for the hero to realize he needs to fight for the heroine. It was a good ending with how the lamp was a phony that the hero's mother tricked her husband into believing but "claims" to have no part in starting the romance between the hero and heroine. However, there was something that bugged me throughout the story was the hero's mom and his friends saying, "he doesn't have true happiness". I understand somewhat of what they mean with the hero finding a special someone and not being such a work-alcoholic. However, their expressions suggest that there was more to the story with that one sentence then they let on. We know the hero had a great relationship with his parents. There's not mention of OW even with the hero confessing his love and all. So, the end left me wondering if it was just the first thing or was there more. A bit unsatisfied, and it's why I gave it a four star.

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