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She’s tormented by her sham marriage, but she mustn’t fall in love…

Lauryn is an accountant at a nightclub. One day the club’s owner, Adam, comes to her with a preposterous idea. In return for one million dollars, he wants her to be his wife for two years. Adam is eyeing the post of business council chairman, and he needs a respectable wife to win the hearts of the conservative board members. A loveless marriage with a handsome and charming playboy? Lauryn must weigh the offer against her own closely kept secrets.

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decent story 3  3

The heroine gets a shocking proposal from her boss to marry him. She rejects for a good part of the book, despite that she is physically attracted to him. The hero needs a wife for status because the election for presidency is on. A wife helps him look good for the group's more conservative and influential side since he refuses to give up his night club. Although, it's her refusal that shocks him since it's his first time being refused by a woman. The heroine only goes along with the marriage in order to gain short access to the house where her birth mother previously lived. The heroine is desperate to know since her mother gave her up to her father who spoke little about her too. The hero has another motive to the whole presidency is to one up on his deceased father and still living brother for not bring him into the family company. He believes it stems from him finding out about his father's affair 5 years early but his death and reading of the will that revealed it. He confronted his father to end it but he did and didn't involve the hero in the family business. The heroine wants to tell him her reason for the house but she's afraid that he'll place her with women with dollar signs in their eyes. So, they go through quick marriage and meet the hero's family who are kind, if you exclude his mother to the heroine. However, when it comes to bashing the hero, the heroine stands up for him. It quite shocks the hero and helps when she reveals about her reason for the marriage. He's not angry, on disappointed but has enough sense to know the heroine's character. Unfortunately, he'll need more sense in order to combat the heroine's big secret. They get married and slowly start falling for each other. Then things take a turn for the worse when skeleton from the heroine's closet appears. It's the heroine's annulled husband who drugged her to unconscious state as a way to use her in smuggling drugs across the border. She was only a teenager at the time and with her father's help was able to prove the man's crimes that put him away. Now, he's out and with the heroine married to the rich man, he sees himself a cash cow. The heroine tries to resist but he steals her ring as a first deposit and he sells his story (a twisted one, of course) to the press who send it out before the heroine can muster enough courage to tell the hero. The hero doesn't take the heroine's word and she leaves to prove her innocence but is heartbroken by the hero's words. Thankfully, the hero has a friend to make him look at the facts that prove the heroine is a good woman and to confront the OM. The hero does and overhears about the man's revenge. During this time, the heroine handles the press and even calls one of the interviewers out for not checking the facts would result in her suing him for libel. The hero wallows in his drink with his brother who reveals the father did approve of him but saw him as a solo player rather than a team player when he sees the heroine. He apologizes to the heroine and she forgives him since he made the reporters send out an apology to the heroine and arrested the Ex. The two have heart to heart and plan for their future in the house with kids bustling. It was a nice story.

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