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I had a one-night stand with my rival!

She couldn’t believe her loving father had betrayed his family! Only when they read his will did twenty-eight-year-old Brooke Garrison find out her father had a secret daughter. Devastated, she drank her first glass of wine. And, at the bar, while brooding about the news, she saw Jordan Jeffries come in. Although Jordan’s and Brooke’s families are business rivals, she couldn’t resist this charming man, and she had no idea just how sinful a night it was going to be!

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Sweet and Simple 3  3

I enjoyed this story for it's sweet, uncomplicated, romance. Our hero and heroine have a night together off page that ends in an unexpected pregnancy and an immediate marriage proposal. While the heroine is reluctant due to trust issues the hero is very sweet and straight forward in his desire to marry her - and not just for the sake of the baby. issues that would have caused massive problems in other harlequin stories were easily resolved because this couple actually talks to each other. You cant go wrong with this story if you are looking for a sweet, straightforward, romance with an adorable and caring hero.

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jetski and tuxes 4  4

The hero and heroine have a one night stand that ends the next morning but it begins with nine month count down. Their whole night began when the heroine just wanted to forget all the drama in her life with finding out from her father's will that he had an affair and an illegitimate child. Then there's her mother's alcoholism and abuse that has gone up a couple of levels since finding out about her husband's affair. So, she has a one night stand with her family company's rival and the only person who can rile her brother up to the extreme. When she's five months along, she goes to the hero and tells him about the pregnancy and he shoots off the phrase, "Marry me." The heroine is against the idea because with all his talk sounds like their marriage is more of a business deal and she's cautious around men since the discovery of her father's infidelity. However, the hero doesn't give up and backs the heroine into a corner using paparazzi and her family. Although, he does get a right hook punch from the heroine's brother for getting her pregnant and the hero punched him back. The hero feels regretful for the negative reaction and takes her out for a vacation to relax. It's there that she meets her half sister and forms a better relationship with both the hero and her. The hero also pampers and protects the heroine to the point of where it's obvious that he's in love with her. He rushes her to the hospital when she faints from all the barrage of crude words that her drunken mother says to her. The whole incident does help mend the bridge between the hero and the heroine's brother as well as giving the mother a wake up call of her horrible interrogation caused. He takes the heroine to his home and they start bonding to the point where the heroine finds herself both in love and able to trust him. That is until his ex who he broke up with six months ago came knocking on his door with sensitive information about the heroine's family company that he could use to take over. Sadly, the heroine overhears and cancels the hero's rejection towards the woman. Even though she heard the hero's side of the story, she still leaves him. They don't see each other till the wedding of their friend/sister where the hero is encouraged and supported by the heroine's brother to fight for the heroine. It was funny of them to chase after the heroine on a jet ski in their tuxedos. He gave a very lovely confession of his love to the heroine and she's so touched by his confession that she accepts his love and proposal. We see them marrying around Christmas time and I found it to be very sweet.

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