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The person I love doesn’t want a wife—he wants a servant…

In the middle of her late husband’s funeral, Maddy feels a strong gaze on her. Her husband’s cousin, Leo, keeps his focus on her and her alone. She can’t help but falter under the intensity of his deep blue eyes. To him, it must look like she’s only after her husband’s fortune. But in truth, after he spent all of their money and cheated on her, they decided to separate, and now she is only interested in taking care of the estate that belongs to her son. But with such a large tax on the inheritance, Maddy is running out of options. Or at least she is until Leo makes an unbelievable proposal: he’ll take care of the money, if she takes care of Leo’s needs…

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3.5 long awaited romance 4  4

The heroine has been facing a lot in her life since the day she was invited by her materialistic & scarlet red friend to see her prey of choice and his mansion. She's introduced to the hero and his brother; they both fall in love with her at first sight. Yet, the hero gets engaged to the friend because she finally wore him down with all the nagging to marry and the brother proposes to the heroine since he fell in love with her. The heroine decides to accept because she's happily in love and has been alone for a long time. Sadly, the heroine and the brother have different views on many things: on one hand, the heroine likes the simply lifestyle and keeping a house managed and not in debt, on the other hand, the brother rather party than do anything like that or even be a committed father. The heroine also finds out about his affair with the scarlet friend who didn't marry the hero. She finally has enough and separates from the brother and manages on her own with him never giving her any child support but she still allows him to see his son. This separation has earned her a huge stigma from his family, especially the hero. Years later, the brother dies and there's talk of selling the mansion. The heroine's ex-sister-in-law who's a real peach *sarcasm* is already harassing her to sell but the heroine doesn't want to and already has a great business set up for parties and everything that has gone on for years. The heroine is getting nitpicked by her in-laws for everything and the hero is changing his words from saying some thing demeaning then suddenly kissing her then another demeaning thing. After the reading of the will, the hero proposes marriage as a business deal to help the heroine pay off the loans procured by the husband as the inheritance tax. The heroine rejects but after all her events are mysteriously canceled and money runs low is when she calls him to agree to the deal. I do like that we get to see the hero's point of view in past memories and current times. It shows that he does indeed care for the heroine. Then she gets more information from the former friend in a rent of a developing ground that wants the land as well as the hero never slept with the friend. So, she invites the hero for a night of passion. Yet, she remains cold during their honeymoon. The hero finally learns about the lack of funds the brother never sent to the heroine and tells her he had nothing to do with the sabotages of her business. It turned out to be the former friend and ex-sister-in-law conspiring together. The hero also admits he knew he was being unfair to the heroine in criticizing her every move and finding out about the affair. The hero confesses his feelings to the heroine and how hard he worked to suppress them over the years. He apologizes to the heroine and they have one more obstacle to do before they can see each other eye to eye. We get a great happy ending with the hero, heroine, little boy, and his cat sitting on a picnic blanket together.

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