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Christmas miracles come for everyone…

Just days before Christmas, a blizzard comes to Holiday Hamlet, leaving Nikki Ryder, a young taxi driver from Kentucky, stranded at Christmas Castle, a lonely mansion way up in the mountains. Nikki can’t take her eyes off the owner of the house—Jonathan Sleet, a successful, handsome writer of children’s books and the father of her young passenger, Christie. There’s just one problem… He insists Christie isn’t his daughter. Unable to contain her disgust, Nikki berates him for forgetting the face of his own child, but Jonathan silences her with a surprise kiss! The blizzard rages on outside, leaving Nikki and Christie no choice but to stay at Christmas Castle until the storm subsides…

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I felt that this story could have been better with common sense in play. I mean in the beginning, we have the heroine not even thinking of taking the little girl to the police or welfare department just because she says she's going to see her "daddy". It's because she saw the girl at the telephone booth alone, doesn't even ask on the deep one questions or think that she might be in real trouble for having a child in her car that isn't hers. Furthermore, I didn't like the hero and heroine's standoffish attitude towards each other for halfway through the book. I mean, the heroine takes her own recent horrible experience of having her boyfriend telling her to get an abortion and she's putting her biased views on the hero's rejection of the little girl. She never sits down to ask the man why he states she isn't his daughter; not mentioning she doesn't observe her surroundings to not only see the lack of christmas decorations but the lack of any photographical evidence of the hero and the little girl together. Plus, it doesn't strike her as odd being from a large family that within the house, there are no family photos at all. The hero does no better with the heroine and the child because of many reasons but he doesn't state as to why. Plus, I was only a bit disappointed of the hero's cold attitude towards the child during the Christmas season even if she's lying and sabotaging. An example is her cutting the phone cord and I'm starting to get worried. That leads me to another problem is during their time together in the house, neither the hero and heroine sit the little girl down to get the answers; they're either too busy avoiding each other or fighting. They seem to make progress later on to the point of sitting down to talk about themselves, playing strip poker, and then playing under the sheets. There is also participating in the festivities like decorating the tree. Finally, they head into town and the heroine gets the true story. The hero's wife and child were killed in an accident three years ago and he has shut himself away since then. This means that the little girl isn't actually his little girl and she runs off to apologize to him and they finally decide to get the truth from the little girl with the help of the police who provide the intimidation needed because she was being just rude. They manage to get her to confess about her lies but do nothing to get the truth, the girl keeps on lying till she finds out about Santa only gives gifts to the good kids and she thinks that by getting someone water or lending her hair decoration is enough.I would have liked it if one of the grownups in the story had pointed out that Santa likes children who are honest and children who admit their lies. The hero also takes a step forward from his grief when he sees the negative influence it has had on not just himself but his whole town. So, after the heroine and little girl leave for the Christmas party, he dons the Santa suit and learns the little girl's wish of her parents getting back together. He also hears the heroine's wish and leaves the party to come back as himself. He confesses his love for the heroine and she confesses her love for him too. It all ends well but I was just real peeved by the lack of sense.

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