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My gorgeous boss… Why did I think I could win his heart?

“I object to this marriage!” Erin shivered as the sound of that voice echoed through the wedding chapel. Dimitri Makarov! There are two reasons this handsome Russian businessman is so well-known. The first is his unparalleled business acumen, and the second is his scandalous behavior. Beautiful women, gambling, rebellious behavior—he has a taste for danger and has spent his life gravitating toward it. Erin used to work as his secretary and ultimately ended up spending a night with him. He said it was a horrible mistake, so when she discovered she was pregnant with his child, she disappeared without telling him. Now, seven years later, he’s appeared again, this time at her wedding ceremony!

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Sharon Wirdnam born in Longon, England, daughter of Donald Llewelyn Wirdnam, grew up near Heathrow Airport. She has been a waitress, a cook, a photographer and a nurse and she drove an ambulance across the Australian desert. Sharon currently lives and works in Winchester and Plymouth. She has a daughter and a son. is a popular British writer of over 100 romance novels published by Mills & Boonsince 1993. Her books regularly top the sales charts for romance fiction on both sides of the Atlantic. about the author::: her own words Sharon Kendrick I was told off as a child for making up stories—little did I know that one day I’d earn my living by writing them! To the horror of my parents, I left school at sixteen and held a bewildering variety of jobs: I was a London DJ (in the now-trendy Primrose Hill), a decorator and a singer. After that I became a cook, a photographer and, eventually, a nurse. I waitressed in the south of France, drove an ambulance in Australia, saw lots of beautiful sights but could never settle down. Everywhere I went I felt like a square peg—until one day I started writing again and then everything just fell into place. I felt like Cinderella must have when the glass slipper fit! Today, I have the best job in the world, writing passionate romances for Harlequin. I like writing stories which are sexy and fast-paced, yet packed full of emotion—stories that readers will identify with, laugh and cry along with. My interests are many and varied—chocolate and music, fresh flowers and bubble baths, films, cooking and trying to keep my home from looking burglarized! Simple pleasures boss and secretary relationship with the child in the secret

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Seven years after his best secretary left him, he gets a call from her younger sister that she's marrying another man but he finds out on his own she gave birth to his son. He crashes the wedding and stops her from breaking the law. Apparently, she's only marrying the man because he wants to stay in the country with his boyfriend (hasn't come out of the closet to folks yet). He'll pay the heroine but she'll be breaking the law. At first, the hero wants to pay child support but seeing his son's face and remembering not being loved by his own father has him wanting to be a part of the heroine's life. He gets the heroine to come on a business trip where they can discuss the details of their arrangement. Plus, he can proved to the heroine that he's changed since she left. We get flashbacks on how they met with the hero being not only a work acholic but a playboy too. He had women and bottles all around but he says that he doesn't do it anymore. Over the course of the next few days, the heroine sees that some things have changed for the hero. However, she gives him to it straight that if he wants the boy to know him then he has to be more than 100% committed, no backing out in the middle. After that, the hero takes the heroine and son to his family home in Russia. He's titled only a friend of the heroine to the little boy. It's there the hero opens up about his past of being a product between his mother and the gardener. His "father" didn't divorce because 1) it was a way of punishing his wife and 2)didn't want the world to know that the gardener could do something he couldn't (impregnate his wife). How much it hurt him that neither man called him by his name. The housekeeper tells the heroine that the hero changed immensely after she left. The heroine realizes that the big reason the hero didn't want to become a father is because he's insecure of whether he can be a good father. The heroine and hero become more intimate but the hero pulls up marriage of convenience and it sets the heroine off. She rejects it and leaves with the little boy. The hero reflects and realizes everything he's ever done from crashing the wedding and more proves to himself that he loves the heroine. As he departs, the housekeeper gives him a picture of the gardener and him where the gardener's handwriting calls him by his name and as his son; healing a part of the hero's part. He finds the heroine at the boy's soccer practice where he confesses his love to her and gets down on one knee with a ring in his hand. His words touch the heroine's heart and she says to his proposal with the son call the hero his dad. In the end, the friends is coming out to his parents, our couple get married, and the son is teaching the hero how to play soccer.

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