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They’re from different worlds, worlds that collided many years ago. Can their love survive despite the odds?

Molly, a single and carefree author, knew that a man and his daughter would be moving into the house next to hers for the summer. But she had to swallow a gasp of surprise when saw that her new neighbor was none other than Dimitri, a man she’d shared a summer fling with on a Greek island fifteen years earlier. Molly’s chest hurt looking at his daughter, who was the spitting image of her mother. And Dimitri’s smile was every bit as hypnotizing as it had always been… Molly told herself she must keep up her guard. She couldn’t just return to a love that had ended so terribly the first time. If only her conflicting feelings for Dimitri weren’t so strong!

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reunited lover 3  3

The heroine finds out her neighbor is a lover she lost many years ago. As the story goes, she was a tourist and they met. They fell in love but his family didn't approve of her and wanted him to marry the girl he had chosen for her. The heroine didn't know and was horrified by the news when she went with him to a party. She runs back to her hotel and into a male friend whom she spill her guts to. However, the hero went after her and jumped to the wrong conclusions when he found her in the male friend's arms. On a personal note: why do men think the women who are intimate with the men who are holding them? How can they miss the red eyes, bloated face, glistening streaks on their face; not even mention what women look like after crying with their mascara streaking down their face? So, a talk breaks out with the two separating and they don't see each for fifteen years until she goes to say hello to her new neighbors (the hero and his teenage daughter). The couple both have had marriages with one spouse dying and the other divorcing. Slowly, the two rekindle their relationship and make it a short fling. Yet, they decide to keep it a secret for privacy sakes. However, when the heroine suggests her own opinion to the hero on matter concerning his daughter, he coldly shuts her out. Later on, the daughter goes to see the heroine to get an outside opinion because she wants to be a model rather than the doctor. She can't go to her father or any other family member because they'll say the same thing and only wants an neutral opinion. The heroine supports the daughter's dream but when news of her opinion on the daughter's life choices reaches the hero's ears; he blows up at the heroine. He shuts the heroine out in a horrible way and the heroine sees their time together has ended. The hero and heroine separate but the hero finds the heroine in France when she's researching. The hero apologizes to the heroine for everything. He also reveals that the first time he let her go was because he was convinced by his mother that the heroine had dreams that didn't work with the hero's dreams. When they reunited, he wanted to be with her again but was afraid because of how amazing she had become. The hero gets down on one knee and asks the heroine to marry him and she accepts. We are given the epilogue of the hero and heroine having twins and the eldest daughter becoming internationally known.

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