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Eden longed to tell him the truth and restore her good name!

After her mother died, Eden, a lawyer, learned that the man who raised her wasn’t her biological father. So she began spending time with her birth father…until one day when a strange man appeared in her hotel room. He was her father’s business partner and close friend, Lang Forsyth. He was surprisingly attractive, which certainly caught Eden’s attention, but he looked at her with nothing but scorn. He thought she was her father’s mistress, and she couldn’t correct his mistake without revealing the truth!

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The hero and heroine first meet under the wrong impressions because for the last six months, the hero has been told of his business partner, mentor, and long time friend has been neglecting his family and disappearing off. He finds out that he's been seeing a younger woman and concludes the man is having an affair. Luckily, before we even hit the fifty page mark, it's discovered that the young woman is the man's daughter and heroine, he had long before his marriage to his wife and was separated from the heroine's mother by the woman's grandfather and future husband. Now, the heroine has been going through a lot with the death of her mother, she found out about her father who disappeared wasn't her father and the winding and tragic history. This is what I liked in the book is that we see the other side of the coin of spouses rejecting the children of their partners with other people before or during the marriage. I mean the woman has immense hate and fear for the heroine who might take everything the she sees her son is entitled to. It was a good to read how the plot went with there being family gathering and moving forward in this new arrangement. The whole thing gave a chance for the hero to be a help and a friendly face for the heroine to remain strong as she navigated with an over doting father who was neglecting his family more than ever. I also liked how both couples in a relationship help see the pain and faults for the other person and notify them to change for the better. For example, the heroine wants her father to forgive the grandfather and not try to cling to his dream of her living with him forever and it takes his wife who he apologizes for neglecting to use her own experience of clinging onto their son. I also like how the hero and heroine spend time together amidst all this before taking their relationship to the next step. I liked it when the hero gave her a break by taking her to his family's house where his family help her let down her guard and have a good cry from everything thrown at her. I really liked how it ended with everyone being on the mend. The hero and heroine admit their love for each other and plan for their future wedding at the end.

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