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How can I marry a man who thinks so little of me?

Devon had every reason to strike the man at the fashion show, but she was still fired for it. And after all she had done to become a model! Depressed and beaten, she receives an invitation from the patriarch of an enormously wealthy family, one she knows well. Devon’s mother had already betrayed the family, so why would they call for her now? Well, it seems the patriarch is determined that Devon should marry his grandson, Ryan, the very same man from the show!

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fine, a little tired of the theme 3  3

The story is the usual plot of a "sickly" relative, who wants the hero and heroine to abide their dying wish and marry. However, it's the usual where hero and heroine have an intense dislike for each other and it's before they are reunited with even more reasons not to marry. The hero and heroine were in-laws when the hero's beloved older brother who was more of a father figure married the heroine's selfish and materialistic mother. The marriage ended when the brother discovered the heroine's mother cheating (literally caught the woman in bed) and he cut her off from everything. Not long after, the poor man died and our main couple lose contact for years. The heroine has had to live on independently since being cut off from the man's money had her drop out of school. She worked hard and becomes a fashion model. In fact, it's at a fashion show where she unexpectedly meets the hero. Sadly, their reunion takes a lemon sour turn with the hero boasting about having sex with the hero when the music turns off. Everyone hears it, especially the heroine who's really humiliated. She jumps off the platform and slaps the hero before he can apologize, then she gets fired. Personally, I think both the hero and heroine were in the wrong: the hero should have watched his tongue and the heroine should have watched her hand. Later on, the hero is told by his "sick" grandfather that he wants him to marry a girl he has chosen. The hero decides to play along since he doesn't love because of his poor models of marriages and he loves his grandfather. The heroine is dragged by her materialistic mother back to the house in order to meet with the grandfather. She has no idea of the marriage arrangement and it all comes as a shock. Although, not so much as a shock as running into the hero and she runs off after their altercation with each other is revealed to the grandfather and mother. The hero runs after her and makes some rude comments about her acting, only to learn after she gives him some rude comeback that she had no idea about the arrangement and made a big mistake. The heroine goes to see the hero later when she discovers the sick grandfather asked for it since he only has a few months. She agrees to the marriage on the condition that there be no sex and he agrees. Unexpectedly, he breaks up with his long time mistress even though the heroine said nothing about no side dishes. I suspect his decision goes back from not wanting to be like his parents or ex sister-in-law who cheated on their spouses. So, they marry and endure this no touch torture marriage for months. They hardly interact and the hero doesn't even know what the heroine does during the day. They finally give into their lust and go at it like rabbits. It's finally here that the hero finds out the heroine was a virgin and gets her backstory. They start making progress till the heroine is cornered by the hero's ex-mistress with a mouth full of poison for the heroine. Her words about the hero scare the heroine into a disappearing act with no one having any idea where she's at. During his search, the hero discovers the heroine never took any money and has been working the entire time they've been married, the grandfather was faking his illness, and his brother's will. According to the grandfather, the brother left a will that entitled everything to the heroine but he also wanted his brother and her to marry. The grandfather decided to investigate the heroine before considering his grandson's wishes and discovers what a gem the heroine is, not to mention she's the one who told the brother about her mother's cheating because she loved the brother like the father she never had. Once the hero finds the heroine, he gets down on one knee to confess his love and ask the heroine to marry him. She says yes and we get the ending with the two sleeping with their baby.

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