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We’ve fallen in love, but could our true identities spell the end of this romance?

Chloe, a busy model, is helping out at a charity ball when she meets billionaire Nick. He agrees to make a significant donation…if she’ll go out to dinner with him! Chloe isn’t thrilled about this, but she finds herself drawn in by his unpretentious demeanor and ends up spending the night with him. It was reckless of her, but she doesn’t regret it. Chloe has but a little time before she must return to her obligations as the daughter of a sheikh in the kingdom of Calista, and she wants to make some special memories before she goes back. But what she doesn’t know is that Nick is more than just a billionaire—he has a hidden identity of his own!

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both had two identities 3  3

The hero and heroine are both royalties who have duties but want to be free from them. The hero has the crown and the heroine has obligations to her family (meaning marry rich to support her dad's gambling habits). A week before the two have to head back, they run into at a party. The heroine is standoffish to the hero since her experience with men has been less than appetizing. However, she's moved with the hero's wooing on treating her like a lady, saying eat more at a family owned restaurant, and telling her to be herself. The hero enjoys the heroine's frank presence too and more things. So, the two decide to have a short and passionate affair with the terms of separating soon after. It goes well till the hero tells the heroine that he wants her to travel to his country, which is neighboring hers. She rejects his offer but decides to go with it since she knows their affair will end soon. Things go downhill from there because after a few more days together, the hero and heroine are cornered by one of the rude advisors of the hero's father who reveal their identities. The two are shocked but the hero cuts off connection with the heroine because of the whole marry rich thing. He thinks she was trying to get married to him in order to get the country's riches for his family. Weeks later, the hero's father calls him up talk about the heroine being estranged and not marrying for anything less than love. This newfound information has the hero running after the heroine with a big apology for treating her horribly and not listening to her side of the story. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and after a little persuasion, she says yes.

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