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Stella’s veins turn to ice when she hears his voice over the phone… It’s been six years since she last saw Theo. Her parents didn’t approve of their relationship, so when she got pregnant, they decided to elope. Stella believed they were deeply in love, but Theo never showed up the day they planned to run away together. Hearing from Theo now throws Stella’s heart into turmoil, but he wants to talk about their son, so she agrees to meet him. He’s grown even more attractive as time has passed, and Stella’s heart is in her throat. She knows he’s no good for her, and yet she can’t help how she feels!

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it was nice. 4  4

The hero and heroine were together, despite being from "different" classes. It didn't matter to the heroine that her father and brother turned their noses down on the hero and his family. Then she finds out she's pregnant and tries to get word to the hero. Only her brother comes and tells her the hero abandoned both her and child for a 100,000 that the brother gave to them. The heroine being fresh out of school and under the evil eye of everyone doesn't know what to do. Thankfully the oldest brother takes her out of that cold house and gets her situated with a couple to help her bring up the baby. Six years pass and the hero calls the heroine about his son because he saw them walking down the street. The heroine is immediately on guard with the hero on a lot of things. When they meet for the first time, both are on guard. As they talk, the hero realizes there are two different stories to what happened to them back then but only one person told them. He figures out that the heroine's bad brother separated them both with his lies( and other things that'll be listed later). He's happy to know the heroine didn't abort his baby but knows he needs to earn her trust. However, he also knows that she doesn't know what her brother did nor would believe the hero if he told her. So, he sets on working to gain her trust and learn more about his son. The heroine isn't so much a willing participant but goes along. Even with the scars on his arms, she doesn't ask or anything. He tries to get her to listen but she refuses till she listen to her son's fears of not being loved by his dad. So, she makes an effort and they go out where the hero opens up on his feelings for the heroine and how they still haven't changed as well that they moved overseas and he searched for her for years. Then the hero takes her to see his family who welcome her and son with open arms. Later, she runs into the bad brother who tries to manhandle her till the hero stops him. He pulls the, "I'm going to call the owner" with the hero responding, "I'm the owner". The bad brother leaves angry and humiliated. We skip to a scene where we learn the hero is taking the bad brother to court. He tells the heroine that the brother is suing him for kidnapping the heroine and other such bologna. He warns the heroine to stay away on the day of court but she doesn't. When she listens on court, she learns the horrible truth. Apparently, six years ago, the bad brother did a whole hate campaign on the hero. He had the hero beaten to a near pulp (attempted murder listed in court), sideswiped the hero's brother that injured him horribly, committed arson on the hero's family's restaurant, and attempted to bribe the hero to leave his sister. The concrete evidence stacks high and the pressure causes the bad brother to crack and admit what he did. The hero only feels a moment's victory till he catches the heroine's face in the crowd. She runs off and he tries to run after her but the good brother stops him, saying that he'll talk to her. The hero tells him to tell the heroine that he never meant to hurt her. The heroine ran off ashamed for what the hero and his family suffered when they had been so good to her and taking the brother's word over the hero's word. The good brother comforts her as she cries over the wasted years and hate. The hero's family encourages him not to give up on the heroine just yet. The same goes for the heroine with her older brother. She finally goes to the hero, says she's sorry, and confesses her love for him. He tells her that he loves her too. A year goes by with the hero and heroine married and expecting a daughter on the way. The heroine's bad brother is getting help and they look forward to the future together. It was a nice ending.

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