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Could the love of an angel change my fate?

When Lily finds a baby abandoned at her doorstep, she discovers that it belongs to her estranged sister, whose whereabouts are unknown. To make things worse, her house is under renovation, and it’s no place to raise a baby! As she’s figuring out what to do, her friend’s brother Nic stops by and, concerned for the baby, accompanies both of them to the hospital. Whenever their eyes meet, it makes Lily’s heart soar sky high as she begins to see something in him she’s never seen before. At her friend’s suggestion, she and the baby end up staying at Nic’s house. She responds every time he looks at her, and now that they’re living together, she can’t help but wonder where this might lead.

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baby to heal and make anew 4  4

The heroine is shocked to find her half sister dropping her baby off and disappearing into the night. She's helped by a friend and later the friend's brother who allows her to stay at his place, while she gets waits to adopt her niece. The whole thing throws not just a wrench in the hero's lifestyle but also on his feelings because he lost his son to sudden infant death syndrome and he couldn't grieve with his wife that eventually led to their divorce. The heroine made the first good step by having him open up what happened, the next part is the challenge of moving forward. It's not a matter of forgetting the past but letting the past be an excuse of not seeking happiness. From what I can see, the hero was a good dad but all parents hold onto the guilt of not protecting their children enough when they weren't responsible. Afterwards, the heroine's sister turns up but is in no fit condition to care for the little girl (no drugs, just not ready). As the heroine commits to being a mom to her niece, the hero commits to supporting he heroine. He decides to take the heroine and baby girl to Rome to relax and put affairs together. This is where the hero's fear of commitment starts bubbling up but the heroine reminds him that relationships are based on sharing the good times and the bad times. Everything goes from well to better with the hero and heroine taking their first step. However, when the the hero wakes up to the baby girl's face, he panics and does his usual routine running away from things he fears. The heroine takes it as a warning sign that their's no hope to their relationship if he can't open up. Then the little girl comes down with a fever and the heroine shuts the hero out when they reach the hospital. The little girl pulls through. A week later, the heroine and little girl sit in a park with the heroine taking a call from the friend. She learns the hero was waiting in the waiting room till he got news that the little girl pulled through. Once the call is over, she sees the hero running towards her. They have an open heart talk with each other of confessing their feelings for each other. We fast forward months later to the hero and heroine's wedding. They are parents to the niece whose mother isn't ready to be a mother, but does want to get to know the daughter. They are also expecting another bundle of joy very soon.

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