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This charming man holds her fate in his hands.

Chessie’s father committed a crime to protect his family, but then he died. She was at a loss as to what to do after selling their manor, but Miles Hunter, a mystery novel author, gave her an option. He’d let her and her sister stay on at the manor as servants. But Chessie was unused to housework, and her hands soon became rough and her cheap clothes made her a source of gossip in town. Then Miles invited her out to dinner. He had been kind to her lately, so Chessie had started opening up to him. But his words at dinner surprised her. He has a proposal for her and she must make her decision on the spot!

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becky's comment - December 13th, 2019

The heroine and hero love each other in such a mature and gentle way that I was moved by the deep love between them. .

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countryside scandals 4  4

You think the city has scandals, come to this little town with its own secrets. the heroine and her sister lived with their father till he made some poor decisions that led him to the destruction of his reputation, his daughter's reputation, their house, and more. As they lose their house, the heroine and her sister are approached by the scarred and crippled hero of staying in their home that he's just bought if the heroine becomes their housekeeper. The heroine agrees and it begins their relationship. As time passes, the hero and heroine become closer and closer. We get a look at the past where the heroine has a childhood crush on a friend who swore to marry her but his father married a gold digger that led to them having a fight and the friend being sent to the USA. The friend states that he'll come back to marry the heroine but with all the letters she wrote, he never once responded. The hero has his own past what with being a war correspondent that won many awards but his last trip ended with him being blasted and left with shrapnel and scars that scared away his looks-only-fiancee. After three months, the hero invites the heroine out to eat where they are not only met with the curious gazes of the villagers but earn the sketchy glare of the same gold digger. It's there that the hero proposes a plan to the heroine to have a fake marriage in order to dispel the rumors about them. The heroine only agrees to shut the gold digger up when she makes a rude comment about the hero. I quite liked the heroine's sister, she added a side humor that made me laugh. The next night, the childhood friend pops out of nowhere, proclaiming that he's going to marry the heroine and rescue her from horrible situation she's in. The heroine is more flabbergasted by his words than she is happy because he didn't even let her get a word in. She finds herself unable to feel happy about being married to the friend and more on the hero. The heroine gets news that the friend's father had a stroke, leaving him paralyzed. During their ride up to the place, the hero and heroine ponder why the gold has such an intense dislike for the heroine but come up with nothing. When they meet the father, they give him a lot of hope. Then the heroine is pounced by the friend who says strange things like it's his fault and how marrying her would make the father happy. Their interaction and hug is seen by the hero who has an icy demeanor. The whole thing puts up a wall between the hero and heroine that the heroine eats out with her sister. Then as they go home, they stumble upon the friend and the gold digger where they reveals their affair is what caused the father to have his stroke because he caught them. Not to mention, he only planned to marry the heroine to make the father happy and sell his family's ancestral home. They are caught not only by the heroine and her sister but by another person who blabbed to the whole village. By the next morning, the gold digger had packed up and left. The whole thing clears up on why the gold digger was so hard on the heroine because she saw the heroine as a potential threat to her affair with the friend. It also explains the friend's desperate behavior towards her with breaking his dad's heart and wanting desperately to make amends. When the hero and heroine sit down, he reveals he saw the gold digger and friend together before they announced their engagement. He figured the woman only got close to him in order to see if he saw them and when he saw the friend, he put two and two together. His icy attitude wasn't directed at the heroine but at the friend. The hero has also made the decision to go through with a life threatening surgery in order to get better for the heroine. When the heroine goes to see the hero, she finds out that the friend and father are re-bonding again. It was a very nice ending and I liked it.

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