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The wheels of fate began to turn at their disastrous first meeting…

Jasmine visits the Banque Internationale du Midi in order to revive the perfume company her grandfather headed before his death. But she’s shocked by the man she sees there. His name is Lucien and he’s as handsome as a medieval knight. He’s also the imperious man with whom she had a horrible meeting on her trip overseas! She has to ask him for financing, but his cool gaze tells her he won’t support her. Still, she can’t back down! What should she do now?

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men and perfume 4  4

The first impression of the hero and heroine doesn't take so well till they meet again with the heroine being the granddaughter of the legendary perfume CEO and the hero being well his own famous self. She comes to him for help on to help save her grandfather's company that been sinking into the red since her grandfather's death. She gets leverage with showing him a new prototype but needs his help in getting the maker of the flower to turn it into a perfume. The only problem is who the man is. He's apparently, the son of the previous CEO that the heroine's grandfather managed. The man had a head only for business and not familial attachments. He adopted the grandfather out of family obligation but turned all his attention towards him when he discovered the grandfather's gift for smell. That unturned caused him to neglect his biological son and it stirred resentment on the boy to a man. Then his father making up horrible rumors about his to get ousted by the family in order to get the grandfather in line for CEO chair. The grandfather tried to keep contact and make amends but the son refused all contact with him. The hero hesitates but he goes along with the project. During this time, the hero and heroine learn a lot about each other like the hero losing the girl he loved in a plane crash to the heroine's hate for frenchmen stems from a possessive ex. This is actually one of the things that delays the romance between the hero and heroine. Then they meet the CEO's son who has regretted never taking the grandfather's hand. They get him to take over the company. Once the project is finished, the hero makes his intentions of wanting the heroine to stay close but she rejects it. However, he manages to convince her to stay with him for a week with no funny business. The hero gives a romantic speech but she still goes back to the USA. Her rejection pulls the hero into depression until he's encouraged by friends to go after her again. He surprises the heroine and does the same thing and this time, she takes his hand. In the end, both of them are taking on the perfume world by storm and it's a happy ending.

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