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After three years, Cass’s ex has come to her with heartbreaking news.

It’s been three years since they broke up, but now Dray, Cass’s ex, has appeared before her once more. The way he broke up with her was downright cruel, so what could he possibly want now? Her little sister married his younger brother, and up to this point she’d been lucky enough to not have to see him at all. Dray had the same beautiful blue eyes as before, and he stared coolly at Cass while he told her that Pen had passed away, leaving behind a baby. Pen’s death will have repercussions for Cass and Dray’s relationship that the heartbroken Cass can’t yet imagine.

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editor's comment - February 22nd, 2019

Why did the hero and heroine break up 3 years ago ? Could the hero be the father of the heroine's sister's baby? It seemed like a story about lie and betrayal at first but turned out to have a warm and lovely ending.

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on a tempo 3  3

You know that tempo machine that you use when practicing the piano, it's what I would describe this story as. I felt it went at a constant pace with little to slow down on till the end with the big climax. To summarize, the heroine and hero meet when the heroine's sister gets involved with the hero's younger brother. The hero has a good reason since the sister went after him first but he stopped when he found out she was only 17 years old. My opinion: good job to the hero making the smart choice. Unfortunately, his twenty-five year old younger brother didn't stop to think he should wait at least until the girl was eighteen to even start dating. The heroine holds her ground against the hero and her attitude attract the hero enough to ask her out. She declines and receives some negative criticism from the sister on the hero even liking the heroine. Personally, the sister was complicated person to understand with her harsh criticism on the heroine gaining the attraction from the hero but she secretly "tests" them to see if they were compatible that led to the dissolution of their relationship. They only reunite when the sister dies in an accident and leaves behind a baby girl with questions. The heroine learns the sister was using her as a lie from the distraught brother-in-law who states the sister was cheating and the father is possibly the hero. Sadly, the heroine believes this, placing the hero as traitor to his brother. However, it did seem strange to me that the hero would commit adultery with the sister since he wasn't happy with the marriage. Then there's mentioning on how the hero didn't date the sister when he discovered her true age. However, like the hero not believing the heroine till evidence proves she really is a doctor, the same for the hero with a DNA test. The two fall quickly back in love as they care for their niece and find out the misunderstandings between each other. We end it happily with the hero showing the brother the proof that the niece is really his daughter and the sister never told him because she didn't want him to worry over her womb disease. The hero and heroine profess their love and marry. The story was fine but it didn't get my blood going.

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