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I spent a passionate night with my boss, but he doesn’t remember a thing!

Lindy can’t believe she ended up sleeping with Shane, her boss! She’s his personal secretary and last night was his birthday party—in a drunken state, he opened up to her about his crippling feelings of loneliness and isolation, and she fell for him hard. But this morning, after she ran out of his bedroom and awkwardly ran into him again at work, Shane comes to her with a most perplexing request: he wants her to find the woman he just slept with! He doesn’t seem to remember a thing!

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This is a definite must read for everyone with the humor, love, forgiveness, growth of one individual, and more. Not to mention, that it gives the readers something we don't get to see often enough: the hero in serious regret stage. For some harlequin comics when the hero realizes what an idiot he is and we maybe get half a page or so then a page or so of regret. We get more pages on it and one of the funny parts is that it's his grandfather giving him the hard love that he's being a real idiot. To summarize, we have a hero whose parents are big religious speakers that travel all around the country. However, in advancing their careers and trying to keep their son out of the spotlight because we know it can overwhelm kids; they have neglected him. I wouldn't be surprised nor blame him if he was an atheist. It's so bad that they call at the last minute to notify him that they can't come to his birthday and it drives him to get drunk and have his way with the one person who stuck by him. This person would be his secretary/Heroine that he can't remember he had coitus with last night, asked her to find his mystery girl, and then gets told by his grandfather that his mystery girl is the heroine/secretary. Now, he's got to work to impress and prove the heroine that he's serious about being a father to his kid when he also discovers she's pregnant. For me, what made the hero special was this growth of a character who found it in himself to change into an adult who forgives his parents, who fights for heroine and love, and accepts his faults. To me, it was so amazing to read him grow. Moving on to the heroine who's a good woman and she is one of the biggest support sources of support for the hero before and after their night of passion. I like how she gives the hero a new perspective on his parents when she sees that his mother regrets her actions from the past because they have led to such a poor relationship with her son. She shows him the love he didn't have. I loved the quiet interaction with the hero and his father, the pastor who miraculously comes when the heroine is in the hospital to show his support by praying in the prayer room instead of going back on tour. I loved the growth of love between Hero and heroine and it's basically a great book to read.

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