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How did Daisy go from being a wedding photographer to the earl’s bride?

Photographer Daisy worked a wedding at an earl’s castle, but by the time she was ready to leave, her car was completely snowed in! She had only until midnight to upload the day’s photos and didn’t know how she’d be able to pull it off now. Luckily a man showed up and invited Daisy into the castle. Once she successfully uploaded the photos, she noticed how very attractive the man who helped her was. They proceeded to spend a dreamy night together, but they didn’t yet know how that night would change their destiny…

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history and it's angle 5  5

I found it a funny story with the plot, the themes brought in, and the characters. The hero and heroine are an odd pair who share the aversion to media. The hero's parents would have constant parties, dressing up like renaissance nobles who died on a yacht ship during one of their parties. The heroine is the daughter of a world famous rocker. She let her guard down on her 18th birthday to have party. The party turned south and the media ballooned the whole about drugs and stuff when the police report says the opposite. The whole thing had the heroine change her name, disappear, and barely see her family because she's so ashamed. The heroine and hero meet after a wedding and share a passionate night. Then the heroine finds out she's pregnant and the hero is quick to have a shotgun wedding. The heroine only agrees on the condition they keep the marriage private due to the media's cruel words and twisted image. I loved the plot of how the hero and heroine progressed in their relationship in not discovering they had fallen for the other but other things like the heroine with history and the hero with rock in roll. I also loved how both of their fields were simpatico because it was all about the angle, the perspective, and view on the picture or a piece of history. I also liked how both of them went to see the other in their work fields, taking an interest and all that. I loved how their field came into play with their personal lives from how they handled the big obstacles in the way. For example, the hero immense aversion to the media even if it's to help the family home stay in shape or requests from people he trusts. He won't even do lectures on the television; that's how bad it is. Then the hero finds out about the heroine's famous family and needs some time apart. It does give the heroine and hero an opportunity to make a decision about their relationship. The heroine is encouraged by her father if she loves the hero then she shouldn't give up on him. The heroine's mother comes to see the hero who not only tells him not to be discouraged from what history puts down as incorrect but she remembers his parents before the media got involved as a fun and a way to get the local people to have a good and easy time. Then hero makes a decision and decides to do an tv interview and it has every camera crew coming. He comes out dressed as a renaissance noble who sets everything straight with the media twisted the heroine's incident, gives them a history, and confesses his love to the heroine. The heroine gets to the hero and they have a romanic ending, I really loved it.

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