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I love him, though I know I shouldn’t. There’s no way for us to be together.

Ursula’s boss, Ross, invites her to his daughter Katie’s birthday party one weekend, saying Katie really likes Ursula and insisted she be there. But this just throws Ursula’s heart into chaos. Ursula has had feelings for Ross for a long time now, but she knows he’s married. Ursula makes up her mind to keep things strictly professional and agrees to attend the party. But while everyone else is having a great time, Ursula learns just how unhappy Ross’s marriage really is.

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The heroine is the hero’s secretary and has had a secret crush on him. The woman kept it hidden since he was married with a kid. They built a good working relationship for the next six years to where his daughter invites the heroine to her birthday party. The heroine goes and becomes a big help with food and the kids. She has a good relationship with the daughter and the hero but not so much with the wife (for good reason). The woman comes barging into the home(we found out later she was drunk) with one of her bands members she’s designing costumes for. The two party crashers are rude to the heroine, causing the hero to jump up in her defense but the heroine maturely handles the situation. A couple of days later, everyone’s life is turned upside down. The wife just left the hero and daughter up and out of the blue. She left behind a letter about how things weren’t going well between the hero and her and she’s going to start a new life with one of the band members. She also tells the hero to take care of their daughter. The hero doesn’t chase after the woman because of how she changed and the most important person in the room is his daughter and how she feels. He asks for the heroine’s help in coming over and watching his daughter. She agrees and I would have done so too. She helps the little girl work through the emotions of her mom being gone and even spends Christmas with the family. The three grow closer and closer. The hero starts falling for the heroine; yet, he believes she would never go for a man like him. Next, the hero and daughter go to see the wife after she calls to make a visit but she barely spent one day with the daughter before running back to her boyfriend. Six months pass soon after, our couple have gotten close enough to talk about weddings and dresses. Later, the hero and heroine get some time away from each other and it makes the hero anxious. He decides to confess his feelings but before he does, he gets a call from one of his daughter’s parents that her mom picked her up. The hero goes running after to find them. He doesn’t know it’s just a plot by the wife who’s peeved at the heroine because she’s all her daughter talks about, plus how the daughter is going to ask the heroine to be her mom. She whines to the heroine of how could she weasel her way in when she’s the wife and the mother. The heroine doesn’t take anymore of her crud and tells her straight off that she abandoned them for her selfishness wants. The wife tries to slap her, only to be stopped by the hero. He tells the wife he’s divorcing her due to the fact they don’t make a good team and she threw away their life together. The wife leaves, not before relay the message that she’s sorry to her daughter. The hero and heroine talk with the hero confessing that he loves the heroine but was afraid of confessing his true feelings for her. Then the heroine confesses she loves him too. We happily end the story of them at their wedding.

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