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Helen can’t believe it. The ice-cold earl has asked her to marry him!

Helen, who lost her parents when she was young, was raised by her aunt. However, her aunt’s business has gone bankrupt and now they’re desperate. They receive an invitation from Earl Bridgemere, the patriarch of Aunt Bella’s family, to his annual Christmas party. Aunt Bella usually declines, but she has no choice this year. The two decide to attend the party to ask the earl for help, but upon their arrival Aunt Bella collapses. Helen seeks assistance from an attendant…who turns out to be Earl Bridgemere himself!

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Wrong impression 3  3

the hero and the heroine meet at night where they both mistake the other's identity. the hero thinks the heroine is the help and the heroine thinks the hero works for the Earl. the story develops once they both realize they mistakes. it was a cute story, both the hero and the heroine were good characters as individuals.

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a quick one 4  4

This was a fun romance to read with how it played out with the hero and heroine have the wrong impression on each other; both think the other is the help. The heroine was raised by her adoptive aunt who took her when nobody else would. The aunt is a business woman whose company has collapsed and has no means of help since independent women are looked down on. Then the women are invited by the hero to a Christmas party and decide to go. They have a first couple of bad days with being treated like servants and the hero and heroine exchange harsh tones but misunderstandings are cleared up. It actually made me laugh at their interactions with each other. During their Christmas season together, a lot of things happen with the hero and heroine helping set up the Christmas pageant to the heroine being rescued from a drunk harasser by the hero and his mop of a dog. The heroine also finds out that the heroine is giving the aunt some financial support in order to put her business back on its feet. Their attraction becomes obvious, bringing up the obstacle of opening up to love. The hero opens up about his first marriage being a young couple but not having enough communication in order to develop a stable relationship. He saw her skating, something that wasn't considered ladylike but he had no problem. However, when she saw him, she grew frightened of being scolded and ran, only to be caught in an accident that killed her and their child. The hero then offers marriage to the heroine but she thinks it's just so he can have an heir. She rejects him, causing their relationship to grow distant. Then the heroine packs for her new job and the hero preps to woo her when he discovers the present she left him. As she drives away, the driver takes her to where the hero has decked a cottage in a beautiful Christmas theme with all the trimming. He says that he realized his fault for not saying the proposal right. He confesses his love and asks the heroine to marry him, which she says yes. Then they decide to give each other a Christmas gift.

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