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Imogen didn’t expect her last trip to Paris to bring her true love.

After her sister and mother died of brain cancer, Imogen noticed she was experiencing the same symptoms they did. So she prepares for her death and flies to Paris to spend her last days in luxury. There she attends a high-class party and meets a Frenchman named Thierry. The two hit it off and spend a passionate two weeks together. On her way home, though, Imogen learns she is pregnant. What a dreadful turn of events… She explains the situation to Thierry, but his reaction is beyond anything she expected!

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It was a good story with its faults. The hero and heroine have a short affair because the heroine wants to do some spontaneous things in her life before she dies from the condition that both her mother died from. Now, I have no doubt in my mind I would be thinking and grieving the same way as the heroine because of what she's lost. The woman hasn't just lost her whole family but having to watch one waste away from cancer and the other die suddenly all in the same year. They were her entire social world because they had to move a lot and she is a shy person who wasn't able to form relationships with other people. Now, she thinks that she's dying since she is suffering the same symptoms that her mother had when she was sick. So, she has an affair with the hero in France. A month later, she goes to him with the news that she's pregnant and he asks who's the father a couple of times and by then I was a bit tired, even though he was asking in a polite tone. I was surprised when the hero didn't pry on why the heroine was saying should anything happen to her, he would take care of the child. I mean the clue was so obvious when she said how her mother and sister died recently and he doesn't ask right there and then. The"I might die" does come up and by then, the hero is practically a sweetheart who holds the heroine's hand. He becomes her support in this whole ordeal. The next day, the hero asks the heroine to marry him since French laws are picky on children. The heroine agrees since she thinks she might die and they have a quick wedding. They meet the hero's grandmother who takes well to the heroine and insists on lessons for the heroine like french language and cooking. From then on, I saw the heroine didn't need lessons on french cooking but on self-confidence and self-value. She has doubts about her relationship with the hero that stems from him being a noble but he doesn't act like a snob to anyone. It only gets worse when the couple discover she isn't suffering from sickness but from stress, caused by the family loss. Now, she finds herself believing she's trapped the hero in a marriage and he doesn't want it. She goes by the hero's shocked expression when they find out she's not sick but I personally believe anyone would be shocked with the news. It doesn't mean that they'll be unhappy. Plus, the hero was happy to find out she won't die. However, the heroine starts doing things that puts a strain on their relationship like rewriting their marriage contract without even talking to him about it. She starts talking about leaving before he starts to hate her and I was done with her pity party. She wanted love in the marriage, while the hero didn't but she wasn't even going to fight for it. Two months later, she goes to a party with the hero where she meets the OW. The OW puts out the pleasantry act but the heroine manages overhear her vile words in the bathroom. So, she thinks she's ruined the hero's life by keeping him away from the OW. This is even after a friend tells her the hero has moved on and the OW is acting that way because she wants to be the one who stole the hero's heart and how obvious the hero is in love with the heroine. The heroine crushed the OW's pride with her presence but it does little to support her when she thinks she's keeping the hero away having his former lifestyle full of outdoor sports. We finally have a spurt of emotions when the hero and heroine find a picture posted to the computer of the hero and OW kissing. The hero states the woman pounced him but the heroine doesn't believe him. She finally opens up about her feelings and everything then sets to leave. The hero makes his stand with a confession of love. They finally talk over their feelings for each other and see they share the same thing. The hero and heroine then make plans to have a big wedding and that's the end of it.

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