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Upright and serious secretary Emily is always being confronted with her handsome boss’s woman troubles. Not only is Kadir a talented businessman who regularly travels around the world, he’s also the prince of a bountiful desert kingdom. And he has a prodigious talent for attracting women. One day, after Kadir receives an emergency message from his home country, he makes an outrageous request: he’ll pay Emily a huge sum if she pretends to be his horrible wife! Just what does he have planned?

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from secretary to wife 4  4

The heroine has been the hero's secretary for four years; the longest relationship he's had with a woman. Everything goes fine till the hero gets word that his father is on his deathbed. It's a huge fear factor because of his father's hate towards his older brother and favoritism, the hero may be forced to take the throne by his father's command. That means losing the company he's worked so hard for; plus his ever efficient and loyal secretary. So, he asks the heroine to marry him and make him look unsuitable for the throne. He promises a hefty bonus that would put the heroine's father in a better hospital and leave her some savings. Boy, does she make a scene with her uncovered head, shoulders, knees, and toes!!! The whole thing stirs up the hero so much, he pulls her in for a passionate kiss rather than a light peck. Their performance starts a whole thing up and the father demands in coughs that the hero divorce the heroine immediately but the hero won't unless the father chooses his brother, something the father won't do. I found the bedroom scene funny with the wall of pillows that were useless against the creator: the heroine. She woke up all snuggly next to the hero. The two spend time together, playing out their act, and they get the chance to learn each other's lives outside of work. The heroine learns of the hero's guilt from when he was a young child. Apparently, as a the little boy, the hero was desperate for his father's love and knew the father wasn't fond of his older brother. So, he did some little things like breaking a plate to make himself look good. That is until he saw his father whipping his brother and stopped. From then on, he believed himself to be the cause of the broken relationship between his brother and father as well as immensely hurting his brother. During this time, the hero's brother doesn't return to the country or the hero's calls, worrying the man to extremes. He sees the only possible future of becoming King and losing the heroine. The hero tells the heroine of what may happen and gives hint that he's fallen for her. They have this separation with emotions threatening to explode but they maintain that composure. It's very emotional. After the king dies, the hero takes the heroine to a secret location to spend his last hours as a free man with her. He opens up about everything from his family's sad past to his feelings of love for her. They have one night together then morning comes and the hero's face becomes stone. He separates from the heroine with divorce papers left behind. After the heroine leaves, the brother appears and is willing to take the throne since the father never named a successor in his will. The hero apologizes to the brother for the things he did in the past and how he's responsible for the destroyed relationship between the brother and father. The brother states it wasn't the hero's fault. He said the real reason stems from a lie. Apparently, the brother's mother was set to marry the man she loved but the lecherous and greedy father stole her anyway. To get revenge, she cooked up a lie that the brother was actually the OM's son and not his. So, the father was so ticked that he took his anger out on the brother. I find that the woman was just terrible with pulling an innocent child into the mesh of hatred. The brother learns of the hero's love for the heroine and encourages him to go after her since he'll takes responsibility for the throne. He's lucky that a sandstorm delayed the heroine's departure enough time for him to make it. When they see each other, the hero publicly announces that he's in love with the heroine and is withdrawing the proposal for a divorce. Everyone is in an agreement but the heroine runs off thinking it's all part of an act. The hero runs after her and states that it was real and he truly does love the heroine. The heroine confesses her love for him and we get a happy ending.

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