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She fell in love with her employer. But he was secretly in love with someone else…

Vere Tolladine, a successful businessman, needed help. He’d been taking care of his late brother’s wife and her children and couldn’t keep doing it alone. So Fabienne became his live-in nanny. Vere is unfailingly kind to everyone…except Fabienne! She can’t understand why Vere treats her differently, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Fabienne has conflicting feelings about Vere that become even more complicated when she realizes that Vere is in love with his sister-in-law…

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figuring it all out 3  3

The heroine is hired as a nanny to the hero's niece and nephew and a companion to his sister-in-law. She wins over the children and becomes a friend to their mother who seems to have a lot on her mind. The hero starts glaring and acting rude to the heroine when she brings up in their conversation of meeting a man. He does answer her questions on the SIL's condition stems from his brother dying in accident about around a year ago with his mistress. That's how the poor woman found out about her husband's infidelity and it has shaken her to the core because she cut her connection to her family for the man. She holds onto that information but she never takes it into account with everything she observes and is told. She comes upon the conclusion that the hero is in love with the SIL because he smiles when the SIL smiles and has a cranky attitude with her. She doesn't take into account of what she's told by the SIL where the hero gave up his travel around the world business in order to help her get back on her feet. His reasons are because he wants to make up for his brother's indiscretions, he cares for his family, and is happy to see the depressed SIL become happy again. Then again, jealousy can make one blind and the heroine realizes she's in love with the hero with being jealous of his attitude to the SIL. Then she only becomes more confused with the hero leaning into to kiss her when she thinks he wants the SIL. She also catches the spark between the SIL and her divorced brother who has too suffered from a bad spouse. Then SIL finally gains the courage to see her parents again. Her absence plus the incident in the bedroom between the hero and heroine; it gives an opportunity for our main couple's feelings to surface. The heroine voices her thoughts on not wanting to be the hero's substitute for the SIL but the hero dismisses her claims that he's never wanted the SIL but the heroine. The reason why he's been so cross with her was because he was ready to admit he was in love with her. They both confess their feelings and the heroine says yes to the hero's proposal.

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