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Why would a man who hates her want to marry her?

Catherine is drowning in sadness after the sudden loss of her younger sister and her sister’s husband, when Nico Mancini, the most despicable man she’s ever known, reenters her life. They first met at her sister’s wedding, where he seduced her with his intense gaze and stole a passionate kiss...only to turn around and call her a gold digger! He’s the last person she ever wanted to see again, but he’s come to take care of the baby left behind by the deceased bride and groom, and he has a proposal for Catherine that she can’t refuse!

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family preconception 4  4

The heroine is the sister of the bride who has married into a rich family because she got pregnant. This has already put both of them on the hero's top gold digger list because they have debts. Frankly, I am quite surprised the man has come up with that since he has the resources to get all the information he needs on the heroine and his new sister-in-law with how their parents died and left them a lot of home loan debts. Plus, if they were even trying to get the debts paid then why did the heroine become a school teacher in some small little town. She could have just become a teacher in big city to a fancy private school and found all the divorced rich dads but she didn't. After about two years of being in-laws, the heroine has great relationship with the nanny and a decent with her brother-in-law. The hero still treats her like she's some sort of gold digger and she's nagging her sister to party less and be a more in the daughter's life. Then she gets the horrible news of her sister and brother-in-law dying in a car crash that the baby was lucky to survive. In the midst of all this pain, the hero proposes a deal for them to marry so that his stepmother won't take their niece for her money. The heroine agrees to the loveless marriage and announce at the reading of the will with the stepmother threatening to take the matter to court. The hero then has the heroine stop working for many reasons like paparazzi and he expects her to be like his mother who didn't work and stayed at home with the kids. Then the heroine gets pregnant and unexpectedly, the hero is overjoyed of having a kid of his own. They start making progress on their relationship but tragedy happens with a miscarriage. However, it does open an opportunity for the hero, heroine, his stepmother, and his father to build a better bridge in their relationship. It's was very heartwarming to me. Yet, the heroine tries to leave because she thinks her relationship with the hero is over since she lost the baby but the hero declares he doesn't want to lose her too because he's fallen in love with her. They even find a DVD of a baby diary that the sister and brother made with the little girl to prove they were good parents even if they partied more than average. We have a great ending with the heroine and hero in love with a new baby on the way and the little girl being spoiled with love by her grandparents and parents.

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