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Will Autumn decide to be Yorke’s “emergency wife”?

Autumn, who works at a travel agency in the Caribbean, is speechless when she sees the man who’s suddenly appeared before her—Yorke Laing. He’s president of an airline company and the man Autumn married when she was just nineteen years old. But what he really wanted back then was a purely physical relationship without love... Their relationship was short-lived and Autumn left their London home. So what in the world is he doing at her agency? Yorke coldly informs the confused Autumn that he needs an emergency wife. He says that if she comes back for just four months, he’ll allow her to officially divorce him.

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The story for me was pretty hard for me to like. It’s mostly because how our main couple handled their first marriage. I mean I can’t be too hard on them because they didn’t have good past or present role models or mentors to show them what a healthy marriage is. Plus, their marriage was just a cover to keep the heroine’s reputation from being shredded by her boss and the hero’s angry ex. In the beginning, they met and have a hot affair but both the heroine’s boss and the hero’s ex catches them at the same time. With all the tension in the air, the hero declares they’re getting married. Their marriage spirals downhill with the usual lack of communication, honesty, and willingness to open up. I mean, the hero spends all his time at work without telling the heroine why. She suspects he’s embarrassed of her when he’s really trying to save his company from bankruptcy. Why doesn’t he tell her to ease her worries? Well, the man has it in his head to protect the heroine from troubles means not tell her about his troubles. However, that’s destructive method of thinking. In the end, the heroine runs off and the hero searches for her fruitlessly for two years. Once he finds her, he dangles his signature on divorce papers if she lives with him as his wife for a certain period of time. The heroine agrees and it’s the start of them opening up. For example, she tells him how she felt undervalued with his late nights and never taking her out. You think it would start the talk but the two are still new when it comes to communicating with your spouse. The heroine does handle herself well in scaring off one of the hero’s obsessive admirers. The heroine finally learns the hero’s past of his dad running off with another woman and his mom telling him how much she hated him for looking like his dad till the day she died. So, it’s not that the hero doesn’t love, he just doesn’t know how to express or receive it. Just as the heroine starts to take a chance with the hero, she sees him with another woman (his secretary/marriage counselor) and meets with her ex-boss for drinks. This spurts a fight and an impasse between our couple. The heroine does learn the truths about the what happened during their marriage and the identity of the other woman. The hero then hands her the divorce papers but she goes straight for the hero. We get one more obstacle when the sick hero thinks the heroine is leaving him, when she’s actually making a delivery for a mutual sick friend. She nurses him back to health and he confesses his love for her. She confesses she loves him back and it’s a happy ending for the two. It just wasn’t the story for me.

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