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To avoid a loveless marriage, Tia flees her wedding—together with her unborn child.

Before she marries Luca, Tia discovers that he doesn’t love her. She flees her wedding, goes back to London and is determined to make a life for herself and the child she is carrying. But then Luca shows up…as a doctor at the hospital where Tia works as a midwife. Citing his concern for the unborn child, Luca moves into her home. Contrary to his cool demeanor at the wedding, he’s incredibly attentive to her and an amazing doctor at work. Which of these men is the real Luca—the cold bridegroom or the attentive doctor?

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drag your feet 3  3

If there's one thing that I have grown frustrated when it comes the heroine, it's not telling the hero why they left. What is so wrong with the heroine not saying in the first fifty pages of why they left, disappeared or jilted the hero. It eludes me why they always beat around the bush, drag their feet in the mud, or hold back why they left the hero in the first place. I mean, the heroine jilts the hero on the day of their wedding because she overhears her almost mother-in-law that she wishes the hero was marrying the family friend and the family friend stating that the hero said that he loves her. If you couple this with the heroine's background of her father leaving her mother who fell in alcoholism then death. She doesn't want a marriage with the hero loving the another woman then they're getting married because she's pregnant. So, she pulls the whole disappearing act but the hero finds her only after two weeks. He asks why and she comes up with all the past reasons but she never tells him what she heard in the chapel, I mean that should be a good of a reason as any but no! She doesn't use it and it's not revealed till the end. Now, it gets better because the whole thing has the hero come up with a comprise of spending time with the heroine and showing her the sides she didn't know when they were first together. She discovers the hero is actually a good guy and starts to trust him. Their relationship goes well and they fall deeper in love than before. It gets better after the baby girl is born safely but when the hero says he has something to tell her, the heroine gets to get anxious. Her anxiety is heightened when she discovers the hero and the family friend together over the baby and thinks the worse. We finally get the confrontation where the hero finally learns why the heroine leaves and the friend is horrified. The friend confesses that she was head over heels for the hero who told her that he felt only friendship and it hurt her. She decided to console herself by lying to herself that the hero did love her. However, she never meant to cause the misunderstanding and apologizes. When she leaves, the hero and heroine have a heart to heart talk about their past and their feelings for each other present. The hero explains it has only been the heroine who he has loved and she confesses her love as well. We have another wedding and it ends happily.

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