Christakis's Rebellious Wife

Romance Christakis's Rebellious Wife

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Christakis's Rebellious Wife

A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!They could never turn back time… There was nothing between them anymore!

Betsy and her Greek multimillionaire husband are in the middle of divorce proceedings! Betsy wanted to have a baby with the man she loves from the bottom of her heart. But then she found out the unthinkable truth: Nik had gotten a vasectomy! She should’ve known he’d never want a baby with a poor girl like her! Betsy was living on her own as they worked through their divorce when Nik showed up out of the blue and they shared a night of passion. Many weeks later, she’s still grappling with her feelings for him when she begins to notice changes in her body!

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editor's comment - May 31st, 2019

No one is perfect. That's why we need someone by our side to make up for what we lack. This is what I learned from the story about relationship and marriage.

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Hmm... 3  3

Okay, the story flow was great from the start. But I felt the ending was rush, it was like it jump suddenly. While I was reading, I was like, oh?! Is that it? So I was disappointed on the rush part. Ending is good but the rush part made me felt like my purchase was not worth :( it could be much better.

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what they did & didn't do 4  4

The story for me felt like I was watching the alternative ending to one of Margaret Atwood's books; not the Handmaiden's tale. We have the heroine and hero who married with past issues and ideas on their marriage. These things are what helped grow an unstable marriage. Their three years of marriage was filled with the heroine not telling the hero what she felt, the hero not telling the heroine about his vasectomy. In fact, when she found out by the slip of one of his brother's mouths, she screamed that she never wanted to see him again. That moment is what broke the camel's back. They go through the heinous divorce proceedings, right when they become divorced that they have one more passionate night. That night is what conceives twins, which happened because the hero had a reversal surgery a year and half after they separated. Now, the hero wants to be involved with moving into the heroine's home without asking her. Here is what I liked about the plot as we go further in, our characters discover the flaws in their marriage that led it to be unstable what with the lack of communication, not taking the initiative to learn or demand from the other spouses, supporting each other, and more. I liked how both the hero and heroine realize that it wasn't just their partner's fault in dissolving their marriage but they had contributed as well. The heroine never sought to talk to the hero back on how she felt as well as search for why he acts quiet and all. The hero never stopped to listen to the heroine and take in her opinion. Them having to live together again with raw emotions and new alternatives helped them learn more about each other in a few months than in the years of their marriage. The hero learns of the heroine's unhappy childhood with her parents and the heroine learns from the hero how he was abused by his mother for being born because his father was a world class con man. We come to the end where the hero and heroine hold and comfort each other after revealing they still do love each other. It was a very sweet ending and I enjoyed the last scene of them watching their girls play on the swing set.

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