Heartless Pursuit

Romance Heartless Pursuit

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Heartless Pursuit

He’s one hot millionaire, but he treats Bel with cold contempt.

Belvia has always looked out for her shy twin sister, Josy… Then, one day, her father invites Latham Tavenner, a ruthless financial mogul who’s looking for help with his struggling business, over for dinner. Handsome Latham takes an interest in Josy, but all he offers Belvia is a cold stare. Bel is so frustrated by the time dinner is over, she blurts out an audacious lie…but now Latham thinks she’s a reckless woman who’s having an affair. Meanwhile Bel is doing all she can to protect Josy. She knows Latham’s bad opinion of her shouldn’t hurt this much, but it still stings.

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It was good 4  4

The heroine and her sister are told by their philandering father to make a meal for a potential business partner who might help him and his failing business. The sister thinks of giving the man their mother's inheritance to help for the sake of the company employees and their families but the heroine says to let him fail as 1) punishment for his multiple affairs when he was married to his mother till she died and 2) the money is to get away from his influence. It's a good argument between sisters. When they meet at the dinner party, the heroine can see the contempt the hero holds to her but doesn't know why. This is played out all evening and the hero starts sending the sister flowers and it really puts her off. Why? It's because the woman is four months in grieving over her husband who she not only eloped with but that he died the day after their wedding in an accident. It's why the heroine quit her job as an accountant to help her sister through the grieving process. Then he asks her out and the sister doesn't know what to do. So, the heroine goes in her place to protect her but it only irritates the hero after they leave their public outing. The heroine thinks it's because she lied about being in an affair with a married man (but there's more to it). The guy keeps asking out the sister, freaking her out, and the heroine finally goes to tell to back off. She reveals that she lied about the affair but the hero doesn't believe then he kisses her. After that, he comprises that if she comes on a weekend trip with him then he'll leave her sister alone. She does and it astounds the hero who asks why. She states it's for her sister who has given her strength and she wants to protect her. It's something the hero actually shares with the heroine and they meet the hero's sister and her husband.The heroine does notice the hero's gaze has been following her rather sharply all evening. That very night, the two get into a passionate tryst and he finds out he deflowered a virgin.It sets things back for a bit but not for a whole night. The next morning, she wakes up to the sister calmly telling her that her husband has left and she's divorcing him over being tired with his cheating. The hero punched him and left for work without even saying good-bye to the heroine who is really hurt by it.The hero comes to see the heroine later but is blocked by the sister who is just as ferocious when it comes to protecting sisters. He was to convince the sister to let him in. Then he explains the whole thing of going after the sister was to get the heroine. The whole mess was started by the father himself. He overheard his secretary in an affair with the hero's sister's husband and decided to used it to his advantage but claim it was the heroine having the affair. It was all to get a loan for his company but he didn't suspect the hero would fall in love with the heroine. They confess their love for each other and plan to get married. The wedding is a happy affair, especially with the father's swollen cheek thanks to the heroine but I think she should have gone for the other one too.

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