Fortune's Valentine Bride

Romance Fortune's Valentine Bride

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Fortune's Valentine Bride

Cathy’s heart was filled with joy when Blake called, saying he needed her. For so long, she’d thought her feelings for him were unrequited. So she rushes to Texas to meet him, and is crushed when she learns the sad truth. His call was no confession of love, but a request for an employee’s help. He wants to marry his ex-girlfriend and needs Cathy’s assistance to win his old girlfriend back!

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He was a dunce understanding the concept of marriage and women. 3  3

When we have heroes, we expect them to have their own faults what with being arrogant, rude, pushy, etc. The hero in this one has some good qualities what with being a hard worker, great in being a son, brother, colleague, and friend but there is two subjects that the hero's light bulb dims to a low: marriage and women. If I were to put it simply, it's really bad. Now, the hero calls about the heroine who's had the biggest crush on him for a long time to help win back his ex. Since, he has no idea how to win back his girlfriend who cheated on him when he caught her making out passionately with another man. This is all two years ago and he's considering marrying her. Now, his reasons are seeing his sister starting a family makes him want him too and the fact that he's doing business with the OW's family makes it the perfect opportunity. Plus he feels bad for breaking up on the spur of the moment and not listening to her side of the story. He even pulls out this stupid excuse as the reason why she's sleeping all around is because she's been unable to fill the place in her heart where he once was!! And here's the cherry on top: he plans to teach her to love!!! There's one place where these crappy excuses could have come from and it's too inappropriate for me to type. I wished so many things in that moment. For example, I literally wished for the hero to fast forward to marrying the woman and seeing how she adapts the whole family and love concept. Yet, the hero has a fairy godmother in the form of his sister who begs the heroine to sabotage the man because she can see how horribly matched the hero is to the OW with her selfish whims. The heroine decides from then on that she's going to sabotage his chances and you can count me as a fellow conspirator in this shenanigan. She comes up with these activities and some of them I was quite surprised that the hero didn't question at all like cooking. If the hero knew his ex so well, then would she be the kind of woman who liked a home cooked meal more than a diamond necklace. I mean all these activities are to show how good the heroine is and they work because first activity is dancing but it leads straight into a kiss initiated by the hero. The hero immediately regrets it and the heroine plays it off like it's fine. She is then advised by the sister to dress a little more form fitting and it drives the hero crazy because he can't stop looking. Afterwards, the heroine voices her thoughts in canceling the whole sabotage but the sister presses her on because the OW's family are pushing it for business purpose marriage rather than love. Sadly, the heroine only seems to get the hero to keep working in winning the OW back. Then things get hot when the hero invites the heroine accidentally on valentine's day and then goes to have coitus when she offers herself. Sadly, the man is gone to the Gala, leaving the heroine to think he's completely wrapped around the OW's finger. Little does she know that last night confused him with wanting two different women when he's not good at understanding the emotion of romantic love. After speaking with the sister, she's encourages to go after the hero. During this time, the hero finally realizes the only person who can make his heart go thump isn't the OW and he finally he realizes he doesn't want to be engaged. Before he can say anything, the heroine walks and the OW realizes she's losing the hero. So, she makes up a lie about the hero already announced their engagement. The heroine congratulates them and runs off in tears. The hero tells the OW that he'll never marry her and runs after the heroine. She angrily reveals her love for him and he states he's not marrying the OW because he's in love with the heroine. The hero makes a great speech about his love for the heroine and asks her to marry him. She cries tears of joy and says yes, leaving the last scene of them getting married.

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