Expecting the Doctor's Baby

Romance Expecting the Doctor's Baby

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Expecting the Doctor's Baby

Mitch must learn to hold his tongue…and Samantha must resist Mitch’s charms!

Mitch is a handsome, sexy, talented ER doctor. However, his no-holds-barred banter is highly unpopular with his patients, and it’s gotten him into hot water at the medical center where he works. If he wants to keep his job, Mitch must attend counseling to improve his interpersonal skills. Samantha, assigned to be his counselor, admires Mitch’s skill as a doctor… If only his emotional IQ were higher, he’d be the perfect man!

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quick but nice 4  4

This went rather quickly but not without a good sense of the plot. The heroine is called in to save the hero when he's on his last legs with the hospital board after this last scuffle with a patient's older brother. Apparently, the teenager decided to get buzzed with his girlfriend rather than watch his two year brother who was out by the swimming pool. Frankly, I think the teenager should be put on that tv show, "Scared Straight" to get the idea of how close he was to nearly losing his brother. The heroine is a counselor to help him work through where all this anger towards comes in. She finds out from his record and their talks that the hero's brother became a drug dealer and he went through the pain of having his brother steal and lie, which broke his heart and trust. Top it all off, he neglected the wife so much that she had an affair then aborted their baby in order to be with her lover. The man has trust issues but he starts getting better in dealing with incoming patients who have overdosed or some association to drugs that the board have taken a strike off him. Before their relationship gets serious, he discovers she has some issues of her own with her double standard stepfather. Here is an example: the man wants her to be independent but wants her to take the jobs he laid out before her. He doesn't like her job as a counselor because there's no benefit at all. The man also wants her to apologize to a doctor she was previously engaged to and he approved of, despite knowing the man's reputation as a womanizer. Luckily, the hero is there to call him out and shut him up because he knows the womanizer too. They get into a passionate affair, it goes one for some weeks. Until the heroine discovers she's pregnant, the hero doesn't take the news well at all. Probably because of losing his first child and being able to trust. He leaves only saying sorry. They don't see each other till she comes rolling in on stretcher. The reality of possibly losing both heroine and his child sets the hero forward in admitting he loves the heroine and child. He is able to save the both of them and waits for her to wake up. Once she does, he confesses his feelings to the heroine and asks her to marry him. She happily says yes and we get the epilogue page with all three of them together.

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