Sheikh without a Heart

Romance Sheikh without a Heart

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Sheikh without a Heart

Can Rachel keep young Ethan from the man who’s showed up on her doorstep?

Rachel works at a casino in order to support her nephew, Ethan, whose mother has run off. One day an arrogant man suddenly appears at their apartment. When she realizes who he is, Rachel is shocked. He’s Kalim, Ethan’s uncle…and next in line to rule the country of Alcantar. She knows he’ll take Ethan away from her if he finds out who fathered the child. Hoping to avoid that fate, Rachel tries to escape with her baby nephew, only to find Kalim waiting for them at the exit!

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3.5 they were brought together by their siblings 4  4

This is about the hero and heroine, the responsible siblings dealing with the situation their irresponsible siblings left in. One night, the heroine's younger sister brings home a prince from a foreign country who was kicked out of country for being too modern & his brother dishonoring him at every turn. The sister lovestruck, believes every letter her new lover spouts but the heroine isn't stupid. She can see how the man lazes around, treats the sister like a servant, his atrocities behavior, and his gambling habit. He even sexually harasses the heroine for more money. He then bolts when he finds out the sister is pregnant. Right then, the heroine has to deal with a whiney sister about not wearing clothes, getting fat, then she neglects her own baby with not nursing and everything else. I have no sympathy for a woman who spreads them consensually without not being prepared to take on the consequences. Then sister ups and disappears like their mother when she hears where the lover might be. Now, the heroine is caring for her little nephew when the lover's big brother comes in stomping with news that the lover is dead (fight with his dealer). The hero is currently cleaning up his messes; unfortunately the baby boy cries and the hero demands to know who's the father with the family resemblance being so uncanny. She lies because she doesn't want to lose her family and thinks the hero won't love the boy. She tries to run away but the hero corners her and he whisks her off to his condo. The two have a pretty heated hot & cold conversation. I did like seeing the hero's perspective in this. During this time, the heroine become friends with the nanny the hero assigned who sees the heroine is deeply involved with baby and has wonderful personality. She also tells the heroine of what a great person the hero is. The hero and heroine start talking and have an actual pleasant conversation. Next, they start kissing and the hero admits he wants the heroine, so the heroine gives in.The hero compliments the heroine who's afraid but she's just gotten into huge lie of a mess. He also reveals the younger brother went to study abroad but he wasn't ready to handle the change in environment and got into a bad crowd. The heroine opens up the hard life she had what with working to support her sister and people judging her by her body rather than by her work ethic. The hero confesses his love for her and even proposes marriage to her. The heroine is shocked and tries to talk to him but they're interrupted by the hero's father and the heroine's sister. They reveal the heroine's lie and the sister pulls this huge lie about the heroine taking advantage of them. She's acts like the loving and desperate mother and how she's been calling out of concern. The hero knows the sister is lying because he has the heroine's phone with no messages but he's too angry at the heroine for her lie. When sisters are alone, the sister tells the heroine she did it because she was sick of the sister sacrificing so much to support her, she hates children, and etc. She was a selfish creature with no ounce of doing hard work for the people she loves if there were any. The hero goes to see the heroine and pulls out the cold conditions of her being the boy's nanny but the heroine refuses. The hero finally goes to see the sister who sets her eyes on him as her next target. He quickly realizes with her choice of words of who's the lying family member. The heroine's friend goes to the heroine with how horrible the sister is. She helps the heroine see the nephew one last time. She sees the hero and sets to leave but he stops her. He admits their first meeting wasn't the best and understands why she did it. He then explains that he took care of the sister: he called her out on the lie about calling her because he reveals he took away the heroine's cell that showed no calls from the sister. He then gets down on one knee in front of the heroine and asks her to marry him. The father accepts the heroine and the heroine confesses she loves the hero too.

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