Awakened by Her Desert Captor

Romance Awakened by Her Desert Captor

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Awakened by Her Desert Captor

Was his unbridled love a punishment for her lie?

Dancer Sylvie was appalled when ruthless businessman Arkim kissed her at a party. Worst of all, he’s engaged to her sister! So when Sylvie showed up at their wedding, she lied in front of everyone, saying she and Arkim had slept together in order to save her sister, who didn’t want to marry him. Several days later, Sylvie received an offer to perform in a desert country, but it turns out the job was just a trap laid by Arkim to bring her to him. Sylvie hates Arkim, yet her treacherous body heats up whenever he’s near!

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revenge turned romance 4  4

The hero is bent on getting revenge on the heroine for embarrassing him on his wedding day to her sister with her proclamation of them sleeping together and ruining his business relation with her very influential father. He thinks she's nothing more than a spoiled little girl with her "hobby". The man has no idea of just who the heroine is and won't till he puts his plan into action. He hires the heroine to dance for him, using her famous dance company (man calls it a strip club or something rude) as leverage in a form of blackmail. The heroine complies and flies with him to his home turf. I did like seeing both perspectives of the story. We learn that the sister went to the hero to call off the engagement and he was relieved but her mother booked a chapel venue without their consent, so he went along with it. We also learn the heroine did her act in order to save her sister but not why till the end. Then the two start having conversations and see they share similar pasts of losing moms from an early age to being mistreated by their fathers. The two also had to make it on their own in order to achieve their dreams. Yet, their emotions send them on a roller coaster with lusting then shouting at each other. As time goes on and they grow closer, they become intimate. It surprises the hero when he learns the heroine is a virgin but he doesn't do too bad. Sadly, the hero finds himself growing too close to the heroine for comfort and sends her away for his sanity. A month passes by with both characters having misery hang on their shoulders. The hero gets a surprise visit from the heroine's sister who springs the truth of why the heroine made up that lie to save her. The truth shows the hero and sister share a common interest: women. I kid you not, I was smiling with joy because I felt this was the first harlequin romance where there was a lesbian. I mean I like there are gay men but it got tiring with it always being gay men. Only the heroine knew about the sister's preferred tastes and the sister was too scared of her mother to come out of the closet to their family. The truth pushes the hero to chase after the heroine and the two have a heart to heart talk. They confess their love and pull a Las Vegas wedding time frame the next morning, only it was classier being in an old chapel rather than an Elvis one.

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