Secret Baby, Public affair

Romance Secret Baby, Public affair

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Secret Baby, Public affair

She knows she should face reality. But how can she turn down her greatest dream?

Three days before her wedding, Blair discovered her fiancé was having an affair with her best friend. In order to heal her heartbreak, she went to Tuscany, where they should have had their honeymoon, and met Draco, an aristocrat from a noble family. They shared several wild days together, but the worlds they live in are just too different… Afterward, Blair throws herself into her work to try to forget about him, but one day Draco makes a surprise visit. No matter how much she tries to insist it was just a brief fling, he won’t relent, and she eventually succumbs to his passionate advances. He’s reawoken her pleasant memories of Italy, but everything’s about to change again… She’s pregnant!

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slowly opening the door. 3  3

The heroine is using her career as a healing balm from the painful experience of her fiancee and best friend who were also co-workers eloping together a couple of days before the heroine and fiancee's wedding. This is after she goes on a trip to Italy and has a short affair with the hero there who wants more but she won't give it since she's still hurt. They meet each other by coincidence and the hero decides the heroine is the girl he wants and surprises his friends by his pursuit. After ten lunch visits, the heroine goes back to the bedroom but her heart is still locked up tight. It goes on for a couple of months till the heroine finds out after a great review that she's pregnant. She decides to stop seeing the hero without an explanation. The man is lost as to why since they were having a great relationship. He asks for explanation with the heroine lying about their relationship and ends it but the hero doesn't give up. He becomes the owner of the property where the heroine's restaurant is and pushes her to accept his invitation to Tuscany since he also hired a private investigator who revealed the heroine's pregnancy. The heroine seeing no other alternative, gives in to the hero's conditions. The hero shows a real cute side with coming to the heroine's doctor appointments and making sure she's comfortable on the plane ride. Next, the heroine learns the hero's past hasn't always been happy what with losing his brother & fiancee at the same time (no affair or any kind), his father becoming bedridden from the shock, and the mother in severe emotional distress, and becoming heir to an ancient and rich family. It was a lot for him to take in, especially since his fiancee died from the stress of carrying a baby when she had a cognitial heart condition. The heroine tries to talk to the hero about it but he shuts her out since she'll leave after the child is born because she wants to go back to her restaurant. Their whole conversation ends with a bad taste in their mouth. They leave each other but the hero goes after her when she runs home when she heard her father collapsed. It's a good thing the hero chased after her because he saved her from a fire. When the heroine wakes up, the two have a heart to heart talk of confessing their love for each other. Then we get an epilogue of the hero and heroine finally going on their honeymoon after the baby was born safely. The story ends on a happy page and it was fine.

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