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One passionate kiss from him made Jessica forget all her troubles.

Colt Irons has risen to the top of the shipping world through his cunning and know-how. He has women falling at his feet, but he’s never really loved any of them. Then, one day, he crosses paths with Jessica at a charity bazaar where she’s giving away kisses for a fund-raiser. His passionate kiss makes the modest Jessica forget herself for a moment, but she has no desire to repeat the tragedy that happened to her last time she fell in love. Still, her resistance only seems to embolden Colt, and he makes her a surprising offer…

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3.5 to overcome their personal obstacles 4  4

It was one of those stories where the hero and heroine had to overcome their personal obstacles relating to love and risk. The heroine is getting over the fact that her fiancee cheated on her with her younger sister, got the sister three months pregnant, and then was helped by the heroine's mother to elope on the day of their wedding. They left the poor heroine to deal with all the pity looks. She runs into the hero who's friends with her best friend's beau. He makes the mistake of saying the wrong thing but makes amends with her. This sparks a connection where the hero has no problem in fanning the flames, despite the heroine's attempts to smother them. During her time with the hero, she learns from his secretary of his family tragedy of losing his fiancee and sister in a car crash where the sister was driving. Then the heroine gets a call from the mother of notifying her of the baby's birth. The woman was a complicated person for me to like & dislike because she makes a rude comment about how she thought the heroine and fiancee didn't go well but didn't say anything because she thought the heroine wouldn't listen. Then she says she loves the heroine but needs to stay beside the sister. I felt anger towards the woman but I have no idea what words have been exchanged between the mother and heroine since the jilting day.The two grow closer and closer till they find out each other share different views on love. They only come together when the heroine's friend gets into an accident. Once, the friend is out of danger and everyone recuperates at the house, horrible sister invites herself in with tall tale of supporting the friend when the heroine knows that the friend and sister never got along. She figures out quickly the sister has moved on from her husband onto the very rich hero. The man handles her well and the friend has her kicked out of the house. The hero tries to put some distance between himself and the heroine but she sees right through him. Then he opens up that his fiancee was a cheating horror( she aborted his baby then told him after the procedure) who he knew for certain was responsible for pushing his sister to drive when the woman was still learning how to drive. Soon after, the hero's mother died and he lost so much. The heroine confesses her love to the hero rejects her confession. The two separate for a while till the heroine finds the hero waiting at her doorstep. He confesses that he's been miserable without the heroine and after some self reflection and see his family's graves led him to the decision that he wants to take that risk of love and be with the heroine in every way. It was a nice romance.

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