Dark Oasis

Romance Dark Oasis

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Dark Oasis

Without her memory, she’s a stranger to herself…and so is the man at her bedside.

Several months into their engagement, Kit found her fiancé in bed with another woman. In order to get her head back together, she left everything behind and went to Morocco, only to be robbed by hoodlums and knocked unconscious. She wakes up to find herself in a hospital, and next to her is a stranger named Gerard. He asks for her name, but she can’t remember it. She’s lost her memory! She’s thankful to Gerard for being so generous, but as she learns of his true intentions, she feels a vague uneasiness rising from the depths of her memory…

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New location, good romance 4  4

The heroine goes on a trip to get away from the pain of seeing her fiancee/ colleague in their small business sleeping with another woman four months before their wedding. I did like that even though the heroine's friend is the man's sister, she's not giving him much sympathy. The heroine is in Morocco where it sounds amazing. Unfortunately, the heroine gets robbed & suffers a head injury in the process. She wakes up in a hospital bed with no clue of who she is. Luckily, the hero who found her is there to lend her a hand and a temporary place at his home, which is gorgeous. The hero becomes intrigued with not only the heroine's looks but her sense of integrity with paying him back for his kindness. As he spends time with her, he notices keywords that seem to trigger her into saying how horrible men treat women. Yet, he's patient and kind towards her. Slowly, pieces of her memory start to come back. She's welcomed by the hero's sister and staff, starts easing in and feeling less anxiety. Then they discover her identity but it doesn't ring a bell for the heroine. She calls them and after affirming she's alright, the ex-fiancee yanks the phone out of his sitar's hand, runs into a room with a locked door and lies to the heroine. He tells her they're engaged and getting married soon and I was surprised after the call ended the sister didn't rip the phone out of his hands and do a callback to correct his lies. The heroine hears the man's words but she doesn't feel any love but it doesn't help with her relationship with the hero. She talks about how she relies on herself and no other, which isn't a healthy thinking if you're going to be married because that's one of the points of marriage is to confide and rely upon your partner. When she speaks with one of the servants with a bruised face, she gets a nagging feeling something's wrong. She doesn't act upon it till the situation escalates with the reveal of the servant's husband beating her and the hero and the servant's big brother-in-law kicking him out. The event has the heroine regain her memories and we see where the walls and the "rely on me, myself, and I" comes from when the heroine being abused by her stepfather. It explains her plain appearance and dating men who don't take the initiative. Then she reveals to the hero that she remembers she ended the engagement with the ex-fiancee. She opens up on her fears towards men and the hero comforts her, while she cries big old tears. The hero asks the heroine to let him show her that he's different from all the other men. The heroine rejects it with her heart too scared to do so. The heroine goes back where hugs and apologies are given. The heroine tries to forget the hero but he doesn't let it by sending her a beautiful jewelry piece with some of the sweetest words and he keeps sending all sorts of cute gifts like flowers and teddy bears. I was so touched. This goes on for around 6 months till the heroine gets a knock on the door and finds the hero standing outside. The heroine pulls him in for a hug and cries apologizing to the hero for keeping him waiting. The hero just holds her smiling. They snuggle together infant of the fireplace, confessing their love, and other things. Then the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes.

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