Bound to the Tuscan Billionaire

Romance Bound to the Tuscan Billionaire

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Bound to the Tuscan Billionaire

She wants nothing more than to forget about Marco, but she’s carrying his child!

Cassandra spent a passionate night in Rome with Marco, but the next morning she was left with only the cold sheets for company. And a check for a large sum of money—she was his gardener and he’d treated her like a prostitute. The famous Italian billionaire had contracted her to work at his country house. When he’d asked her to be his last-minute date for a party he was hosting, she’d agreed to help, but she’d also fully realized how different their social circles were. Now, after being treated so appallingly by him, Cassandra has gone home to England without accepting his check. She’s decided to forget about Marco. But that will be easier said than done when she discovers she’s pregnant with his child…

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3.5 an alright pace 4  4

The hero and heroine are employee/boss who meet at the hero's place. They strike up a friendly relationship but the hero and heroine struggle with their physical attraction. Then opportunity presents itself when the hero needs a date to a big event. He chooses the heroine, offering a paycheck if she helps. The heroine goes along with it and the hero thinks she's just like every other greedy woman. They go there and have a grand old time. Then we get that passionate night, ending poorly for the hero because he slept with an employee and poorly for the heroine because of the double amount of money he sent her. She realizes it's for that night and rips the whole thing up in front of the housekeeper. They don't hear from each other till the heroine calls the hero to inform him she's pregnant. He doesn't take the news well and it ends with the heroine stating she only wanted to notify him. The hero goes to her and catches her in time as she faints from exhaustion and anemia. When she wakes up at the hospital, the hero opens up about his past. His mother got pregnant by her lover who ran away. She found a rich man and led him to believe the hero was his son till the hero was 5. When the rich man found out, he kicked them both out. The mother worked till she got sick and died. That put the hero into the orphanage. The heroine opens about her past as the doctor of rock stars whose glitz and glam world was horrible to two-faced people. Our couple comes to a comprise of living together before the baby is born in order to learn more about each other. If the hero can't trust her by the time the baby is born then they'll do a DNA test. I liked that very much. Months pass by and the hero has to leave town for a business party when the heroine is close to her due date. He's all excited, thinking about the arrival of kid and planning to give the heroine a ring. His plans change when he hears from a reliable source that the heroine was contacting everyone she met at the night of the party they went to. The hero assumes the worst; believing he's been played a fool like his ex-father. Right then, he gets a call that the heroine has gone into labor. He goes to the hospital and sees the heroine who's all smiles over their newborn son. Right there, he demands a paternity test because he can't trust her since she didn't tell him about all the people she called, among other things. The heroine is angered at his accusations reveals she called those people to see if they had a job for her since she quit her job with the hero and needed another to support her and the unborn baby. She tells him to get out and he leaves to self reflect on his words and actions. He realizes what his mother did was wrong but she did it to take care of him. He also realizes that walking away will be how his birth father ran from him. He runs back to the hospital room, asking for the heroine's forgiveness and hand in marriage because he loves her. He admits to being a fool but the heroine doesn't accept his apology because she doesn't want him to spend his days atoning for his words. She wants him to spend his days loving her because she loves him too. It's a very sweet ending and I liked it.

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