Two Brothers and a Bride

Romance Two Brothers and a Bride

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Two Brothers and a Bride

It was a fairy-tale proposal, but Joleen was destined to be with someone else—his brother!

Waitress Joleen should be in ecstasy after being proposed to by a multimillionaire. It’s her chance to break free of her struggles after losing her mother and working to put herself through night classes. However, she’s unable to commit herself to a marriage with him. He’s from a completely different world; does he even love her? He invites her to come to his house to meet his family, and she accepts his invitation. But a thoroughly unfriendly man comes to pick her up. It turns out he’s Jake, the multimillionaire’s younger brother. And even while he’s disparaging her, saying she isn’t good enough to join his family, Joleen can feel an electric connection with Jake!

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The story felt a little flat; it's unusual since they tried to spice things up with the whole triangle thing of two brothers and one woman. It's no Legends of Fall or something well balanced. The whole thing begins when the hero has gone off to pick up his older brother's blue collar fiancee that he found weeks ago. Now, the hero was told by the snooty booty brother that he's only using the heroine's status as a working waitress in order to garner more votes. Right before he's picking her up, the heroine is still deciding whether or not she'll marry the man; even though, he's her ticket out of the greasy restaurant that her mother spent years working till the day she died. The hero and heroine get on the wrong foot and this occurs throughout the book. Yet, the heroine finds herself intensely attracted to the hero. This is after she decides to go to the ranch and take up the name of the future Mrs. Oil tycoon. Despite that, she's arguing with herself on wondering if she loves the guy but somehow going back and forth to the guy loving and not loving her. Then she meets the mother who's a real "peach" with giving the heroine, the "wrong sizes" of 18 and 14 when the heroine is a 10. In fact, those were the only sizes the woman ordered beforehand. She didn't even want to take the heroine to the boutique to shop and order her around. The woman is a spoiled brat with complaining how she can't go abroad because she hurt her pinkie toe. From there, the heroine can only think of the hero and even has erotic dreams about him; that's a sign clear as day. Yet, she still "makes" her decision of marrying the guy. It flabbergasts and hurts the hero but he goes along with it. Finally, the heroine actually makes a concrete decision of not marrying the brother and she finds herself more happy with the decision of not marrying him than the decision of marrying him. Strangely enough, she doesn't tell the hero he's not marrying the brother even after their passionate kiss. In fact, she's quite cryptic about it. Then she reunites with the brother who's all about the whole makeover as in changing how she looks to fit the criteria; for example, color her hair and act like his mother. The heroine tells him straight that she's not marrying him with both mother and hero hearing this but he doesn't believe her. In fact, he says, "Take a shower and we'll continue this stupid conversation later." There was no later for sure because she left him and went back to the restaurant. Then the hero comes by with a proposal of his own and the heroine says yes with sincere happiness.

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