Mistress by arrangement

Romance Mistress by arrangement

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Mistress by arrangement

She can’t look away from his wild and passionate eyes…

Michelle attends an acquaintance’s dinner party and is immediately drawn to Nikos Alessandros, a successful Greek entrepreneur. The gentlemanly, tuxedo-clad hunk has a gorgeous, chiseled face and cold, sharp gray eyes. And he’s looking at Michelle most intently. Meanwhile she’s trying to put off Jeremy Burrows, who’s doggedly pursuing her. Seeing her plight, Nikos suggests that they pretend to be lovers so Jeremy will leave her alone. The next moment, the two are kissing passionately and Michelle has forgotten the rest of the world!

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Available until : Mar. 31st 2020(Monthly course($79.99)

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not bad at all. 4  4

The heroine and hero meet by chance then reunite again five years later. The hero recognizes the heroine but she has no idea they have met. Their little chat sparks jealousy in the heroine's escort whose mother is great friends with the heroine's mother. However, the heroine can't like him anymore than she wants too. I personally thought the man was being a pig to the heroine but the hero helps her escape. Once they're alone, the hero propositions a deal of them having a fake relationship because a dead colleague's wife has misinterpreted his intentions into something more intimate. The next day after the usual conversation of the heroine's mother ignoring the heroine's successful gallery comes in the hero and the OM. The OM can't say one thing without it being laced with vulgarity like insulting the heroine's co-partner and friend on being gay. The hero appears, causing the OM to run off in a tantrum. The hero is a gentleman with a bit of a charisma. Yet, he changes into a shining knight when he rescues the heroine from the OM attacking her in the garage. The heroine tries to play it off with how she'll get him next time but I was standing with the hero about staying by her side. Especially if the OM is blaming the heroine for his actions, it means that he doesn't get the risks or the consequences of his actions towards others and himself. After a talking with a friend, the heroine goes along with it. They first go to the Widow and the heroine is able to hold her ground against the woman's verbal lashes at her. Then the heroine is attacked and nearly raped by the OM but the hero is rushes in to save her when he notices something is not right. They finally take legal action against him that becomes his downfall with being disowned by his family. During this time, the heroine and hero become close but the heroine thinks he's only doing it as a responsibility rather than love. They do manage to chase away the widow but they have one more confrontation with the OM who has a knife and a desire to gut the hero. The OM is apprehended and jailed with the hero and heroine separating. Yet, the heroine is miserable without the hero. Then the hero appears and confesses his love to her and wish to marry her. She does the same with the exception of saying yes. It was a nice ending.

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