The Millionaire's Seductive Revenge

Romance The Millionaire's Seductive Revenge

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The Millionaire's Seductive Revenge

He assumes the worst of me, so why does he look at me with such fire in his eyes?

Kia, playing the part of her boss’s fiancée at a party, again finds herself the object of Brant’s bold, unrestrained stare. Brant is her boss’s joint manager, and ever since they first met, his animosity and attraction for her have been obvious. Kia is determined she will never fall into the hands of a notorious playboy like him, especially not one who believes she only gets involved with men for their money. As long as she has kept up her charade, Brant has stayed away from her… But every time she gets close to him, her whole body ignites!

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3.5 hovering over to revenge 4  4

The hero and heroine are at odds due to the hero thinking the heroine is a gold digger because she's the secretary turned girlfriend to his recently injured friend. The man has no idea that the heroine is only play-acting by request of her boss who she considers a friend. The man just wants to feel better since his breakup. The party seems to go smoothly with the hero and heroine exchanging glares till the boss's ex comes in with a new beau. In desperation to look like he's moved on, the boss exclaims the heroine and him are engaged. Then the hero ends up taking the heroine home with a semi good conversation in the car with the heroine revealing her father's priority of looks over love. Then the hero stays at the heroine's place when they discover her place has been burglarized. He was actually being a gentleman about the whole thing. Later on, he joins her in an art exhibition and learns the heroine's father is a big shot in business who has every unpleasant name pasted on him. Once, the heroine and boss are alone, she sets him straight on his lie and encourages to stay positive in order to fight for the ex who he still loves. The hero sees the heroine again when a Opps! at work requires her help. The hero also discovers a couple of things that don't make sense to his first assumption of the heroine: 1) not telling her family about her engagement and 2) telling the ex that the boss loves her and encouraging to go after him. Yet, it doesn't stop him from opening his big mouth of his title of what he thinks of her as a gold digger. His words set the heroine off in a rage and she tells him off in a pretty good way. Then it suddenly turns 180 degrees to, "I want you and you want me. So, what are we doing with our clothes still on?". Sadly, the heroine goes with the flow but things go south when the deed is done. The hero gets a call from a OW (it's the sister-in-law) and leaves the heroine wondering who's the woman that so important to the hero. Then the heroine overhears a fight between the hero and his brother, the brother accusing the hero of having an affair with his wife because they were in a hotel room (sitting on the couch with all their clothes on). The reason was the wife was previously the hero's fiancee till the younger brother eloped with her. The hero claims to both brother and heroine that he's not having an affair with the wife but neither listen. It only strengthens the heroine's assumption when the wife comes running into the hero's arms. The heroine leaves with the decision to quit and finds the hero waiting outside her door. He finally explains the reason the wife was going to him to advice was because she found out a baby she gave up for adoption when she was a teen had just lost it's adoptive parents and she wanted to adopt. Yet, she didn't tell the husband and went to the hero for help. It probably wasn't the best idea to meet up in a hotel room, should have done a cafe or something. The three sat down to have an honest conversation where the brother apologized to the two and wants to adopt the child and give up drinking. The hero and heroine have a heart to heart talk with the hero opening on how he thought like the heroine's father but it changed when the wife chose the brother. He confesses his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. She says yes and they have a happy ending.

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